A 6-Step Guide On How to Become a Beautician Like a Pro


Beauticians with years of education and professional training utilize their knowledge and aptitude in hair care, beauty procedures, and customer guidance. They can offer various types of hair care services to their clients, such as hair washing, dyeing, styling, haircuts, and so on. 

If you want to pursue your career as a professional beautician, look nowhere else! In this information-rich blog post, we’ll give you insights into what you need to do to become a certified beautician. So, let’s take an in-depth look at them individually. 

Step 1 — Research Beautician Career Duties and Education

Beauticians provide the most common personal treatments: styling hair, applying makeup, waxing, massaging, repairing skin, performing eyelash and eyebrow treatments, and taking care of nails. 

In addition to these, new solutions for advanced treatments, such as electrolysis, laser therapy, and permanent makeup, appear. 

Often, hair stylists give out recommendations associated with skincare, hairstyles, makeup, and sometimes even fitness and health. Although the majority of them are multi-skilled, most of them pay further attention to a single specialty, like hair or nails. 

Step 2 — Learn About Beauty Schools & Enroll

Training to become a beautician is not offered as a course in four-year universities and colleges. Those individuals who seek entry into the beauty industry can go to private cosmetology schools, technical schools, and community colleges that have been offering relevant careers. 

These colleges can focus on one area of beauty, such as hairdressing, or it can be a complete cosmetology program that accommodates nail care, hair cutting and dressing, and skin care. It won’t be wrong to say that you can achieve your dreams with accredited beauty therapy certificate programs.

Step 3 — Undertake an Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships provide beauticians with an opportunity to gain more practical experience in prominent beauty genres. The optimal durability of the apprenticeship may vary from one to three years. 

Even after the end of the apprenticeship, beauticians must keep pace with the newest beauty methods, trends, and products. Most attend company-organized seminars, beauty shows, and training.

Step 4 — Take a Business Management Course

The majority of beauticians are self-employed, so a business management or accounting course may be beneficial for future entrepreneurial efforts. 

Courses can be found online, as well as at community and technical colleges. You can even find business courses designed specifically for cosmetologists.

Step 5 — Get a Cosmetology License

Every beautician is obliged to be licensed by the state where he or she wants to practice. Licensing is a process that involves sitting for practical and written examinations. License is usually with different periods ranging from a few months to a few years to renew.

Step 6 — Look for Beautician Jobs

Congratulations! You have completed your exams and obtained an in-demand beautician license. Thus, you are ready to embark on your career as a beautician. You can apply for work positions at salons or spas or even gain self-employment as a makeup artist or a hairdresser. 

Apart from those who work in salons, beauticians can also be found in department stores, makeup studios, photography studios, television studios, or places where they provide personal grooming services for people.

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