A beginner’s guide to consumption methods of cannabis

Since Colorado became the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use in 2012, 14 more states have joined the movement, raising the total number of states to 15. If a person were to count the states where marijuana has been legalized in some form, including for medicinal purposes, then the total would be 30. This has led to an increased availability and popularity; the production and sale of marijuana is no longer a shady street corner deal, but a global market soon to be worth $130 billion by 2024.

Due to the advances in technology and science, there are now many ways you can consume marijuana, from using vaporizers, tinctures, creams, edibles, sprays and more. Because of the amount of choice, it can be easy to become overwhelmed, and understanding the differences in each method is crucial to enjoying the experience if it is your first time.


There are many devices that you can use to consume marijuana when vaping. These include dry herb vaporizers, vape pens with oil cartridges, pre-filled cartridge vaporizers or tabletop vaporizers. Tabletop vaporizers are less common but they are essentially massive dry herb vaporizers, if you haven’t seen one before you can check them out here on Smoke Cartel. Dry herb vaporizers would require you to buy weed and then grind it, pack it into the chamber, select the desired heat and then inhale after activating the vape by pressing the power button. You could say that this is basically a vast improvement over a bong.

You could also use a vape pen, these either come with pre-filled cartridges that would need to be replaced when finished, or an empty cartridge that you would fill with oil (concentrate).

Using a vape produces a clearer high, which means you won’t suffer from temporary cognitive impairment, retaining the ability to concentrate and multitask without becoming easily distracted.

You are also able to control the psychoactive effects felt from consuming marijuana as you are able to control the heat at which the marijuana is vaporized. Lower heat means less psychoactive effects and higher heat means more. Vaping marijuana is also popular since there is no lingering smell.


Sprays are a relatively new way of consuming marijuana. They come in spray bottles, and the average product contains 100mg of pure THC. It is super easy to use; simply spray under your tongue or the inside of your cheek and keep it there for 30 seconds to 1 minute. You will begin to feel effects within five to fifteen minutes, which last about 2 hours.

This is among one of the fastest ways to consume marijuana because the spray is absorbed into your bloodstream and then circulatory system. Because of this, it has become increasingly popular in many countries, especially those where marijuana isn’t legal just yet.

If you are new to marijuana, then this could be a great way to start as each spray from the bottle can be measured. Caution should also be used as it can be easy to use too much, especially since each spray can contain anywhere from 1.6mg to 6mg of THC, so it would be advised to work your way up if the effects are not as strong as you might want. This method is one of the best if you don’t want to smoke.


Edibles are by far the most popular method for those who don’t want to smoke, and is also very versatile. The oil extracted from the marijuana plant can be used in baking or cooking, and many such products are now being sold in countries where marijuana is legal.

You could buy products that contain the oils such as chocolate bars, cake, cookies, cereals, gummy bears and very recently sodas or alcoholic beverages. The delivery method is different to that of sprays or vaping, and effects are felt after a longer period of time, however they last much longer and are more powerful.

It is usual for a single dose to contain 5-10mg of THC, however it could be as high as 30mg. Because the THC is processed by your digestive system, it takes about two hours before the full effects are felt, which means you should be cautious when using this method. It can be quite easy to think that the dosage isn’t strong enough and then consume way too much for your first time, leading to a very unpleasant experience.