A Beginners Guide to Hyperspin


If you’re new to retro gaming and you’ve seen fancy retro gaming setups comprising a wheel with different retro systems bearing different games, whether in an image, video, or text format, then you must have seen a system created with Hyperspin.

What in the world is Hyperspin?

In case you’re wondering, Hyperspin is a front-end graphics management system that works on Windows devices and home arcade cabinets. The system helps you to organize and launch retro games in easy steps.

You can create a custom menu layout with Hyperspin, using some of the best videos and imagery to improve the appearance and feel of your arcade.

Is HyperSpin needed for Retro Gaming?

Although Hyperspin is not compulsory for retro gaming, it goes a long way to make the gaming process enjoyable for you. When you don’t use Hyperspin, you’ll need to go through the entire process of downloading and installing ROMs and emulators one after the other and also keep abreast of their locations.

Instead of going through the stressful process of loading up a ROM and running searches every time you want to play use HyperSpin for an easy setup, an interface that’s easy to use, and a beautiful presentation.

What to do before installing HyperSpin

When you have decided to install Hyperspin on your PC, you need to install several things, and it helps to make a list of these things in case you need to do some troubleshooting along the line.

You might not even need some of these things unless you are running some selected emulators. Some of the things you need include Direct X9 or 7zip. You also need the latest drivers for the graphics cards you’re using, as well as an updated version of Java, Visual Studio, Open AL, and Net Framework.

What Systems Can I Run HyperSpin On?

As with other front-end management systems, you need to be sure about the systems you can run it on, which makes this an important question to ask.

As far as Hyperspin is concerned, its developers say you can use it on any system, provided there is an emulator for it. The reason this is understandable is that it is the emulator that runs the ROMs while HyperSpin gives you the conduit needed to launch the game.

Do I need a knowledge of coding knowledge before setting up HyperSpin?

Truth be told, Hyperspin isn’t the easiest gaming application to set up, and you are bound to face some challenging aspects during your setup and configuration.

However, the RocketLauncher included in the gaming system helps you to bypass some of these technical parts. Regardless, you will need several applications on your computer to get all the emulators running correctly.

As far as coding goes, you’ll also need to rename some files and create some folders and file shortcuts, as well as amend some file settings.

Still, there’s nothing to worry about because after watching some tutorials you find online, you’ll find all that you need to go through the setup phase successfully.


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