A Beginner’s Guide To Purchasing The Best Car Mat



For the majority of car owners, the condition of their car is almost akin to a reflection of themselves. From the level of vehicle cleanliness to the way the car is styled and decorated, people invest loads of time and effort in taking care of their cars’ appearances. When most people look to spice up their car interiors, the first car accessories that come to mind are often air fresheners or seat cushions. Whilst these aren’t bad choices, most people miss out on the most essential asset for their car: having a good-quality car mat.

Haven’t got one yet? Well, car floor mats are far more important than being a place to rest for feet. Not only do they keep your car’s carpeting clean and tidy, but a stylish carpet is also to ramp up your car’s aesthetic. In this article, we will be talking more about the advantages of having car mats, and the various types of mats there are.

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Why Are Car Mats Important?

Imagine being face-to-face an amazingly sleek and futuristic car –– the exterior looks beautiful, the colors are vibrant, but the interior contains old, dusty, and grubby-looking car mats. Instantly, the once sought-after car becomes less striking than it once was. Maintaining your car’s appearance shouldn’t be overly outward focused; you need to start caring for its interior too!

For as many cars there are in the market, there are equally (if not slightly fewer) types of car mats available. People often gravitate to the mat that suits their needs and budget the most. Whilst certain car boutique shops offer customizable mats that are tailored to fit the dimensions of the car, others offer the cheaper one-size-fits-all alternative. Based on the manufacturers and materials used, the price range for these mats can vary quite a bit.

Car mats are essential ingredients to achieving and maintaining a clean and tidy car. Unlike your car’s carpet, car mats are removable and can be cleaned and maintained regularly; this makes them amazing protectants against dirt, water, and spillage. They are the most effective especially during the rainy seasons, where mud and debris are often left behind on the car floor. Plus, most car mats come with rims and walls to catch leftover water or drink spillage, which makes it the perfect must-have for every car owner.

Types of Car Mats And Their Benefits

Rubber Mats

Without a doubt, rubber mats are the most durable and long-lasting mats available to you.

They’re made to fit most vehicles and are perfect for daily use. These are perfect if you’re concerned about liquid spillage in your car, as they are able to soak in water and mud efficiently. The waterproof properties of the mat prevent any debris or spillage from reaching the carpet, which keeps your car dry and safe. Plus, their textured surface makes these mats anti-slip, so you needn’t worry about it slipping and sliding about!

The only downside to this is that rubber mats get dirty quickly, and hence aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing accessory to have. Thankfully, you’re able to clean them easily with water or a cloth. These mats often come together when purchasing a new vehicle, so be sure to double-check with your dealer if you already have one.

Fabric Carpets

Fabric mats are the most affordable type of car mats and are commonly seen in developing countries, such as India. Similar to the car carpets, these mats are often placed on top of the floor to provide protection from grime and moisture. Fabric mats are best used in dry seasons, as they aren’t as waterproof as rubber mats.

By far, fabric mats are the most aesthetically pleasing of the lot, as they come in a variety of designs and colors. Plus, they’re easy to clean, wash, and dust off easily. However, fabric mats are a lot less durable when compared to others, and will begin to sag and slip after some time. This causes the mats to also shift around, which may end up covering your pedals and potentially cause a hindrance when driving. If you choose to get a fabric mat, do choose one that is high quality as this will allow it to last longer.

Fabric Carpets

Transparent Vinyl Mats

Clear vinyl mats are suitable for all-weathers, whether it’s rainy or dry out. These transparent mats are made of thick vinyl material and are more durable than their rubber mat counterparts. They’re specially designed to be water-resistant too, with upturned edges to prevent any liquid, dust, or grime spillage onto the carpet. These mats are also equipped with spikes to prevent them from sliding and slipping about.

All-Absorbing Mats

As their name suggests, the all-absorbing mats are great for soaking up dirt and water. These mats are made using a synthetic material, protected by a sheet of cloth, that is water-resistant and able to prevent rust, corrosion, or spillage. You’re able to purchase both high-quality all-absorbing mats, or the non-PVC tailored-made ones online.

Curly Mats or Nomad Mats

Otherwise known as Nomad mats, Curly car mats are one of the sturdiest mats available in the market. These high-quality mats are able to soak up heavy water spillage, dirt, and grime without leaking anything onto the carpet below. They’re also equipped with an additional heel pad and overall anti-skid properties to prevent excessive slipping and sliding.

Contrary to most mats, curly mats require less cleaning as they don’t get dirty easily. Plus, they’re able to retain the stylish, premium look that most car mats are unable to offer. Whilst prices differ depending on the brand and quality of the mat, it can be more costly compared to vinyl or rubber mats. If you’re someone that doesn’t like fuss and enjoys having stylish accessories, this one is for you.

3D Floor Mats

3D Floor Mats

With their three-dimensional design and fit, these 3D floor mats are the most stylish and high-quality kind of mats available. These mats are lightweight, durable, and water-resistant; so you don’t need to worry about moisture, dirt, and grime from spoiling your car’s carpeting. The best thing about 3D mats is that they’re customizable, which allows them to fit perfectly with all the corners and grooves in your car’s interior. Plus, most mats feature an additional durable heel pad under the pedal for further protection against wear and tear. Their premium look and feel makes them best suited for luxury car brands, such as Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedez-Benz, and more.

However, whilst these are anti-skid, they need to be adjusted periodically to ensure they line up with the interior of your car. Additionally, because these mats are made of polyester, they require regular cleaning and maintenance.


Car mats may only be a small accessory, but it plays a large part in ensuring the safety, aesthetics, and cleanliness of your vehicle. Prolonged exposure to dirt and grime entices fungi growth and will produce foul, pungent smells. We recommend refraining from purchasing common one-size-fits-all mats, especially if they aren’t able to cover your car’s interior well. This could potentially obstruct your pedals and hinder driving, which can be a safety issue. With this guide, we hope that you have a better understanding of car mats and an idea of which mat is better suited for your car.



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