A Brief Introduction about Video Invitations


Video invitations are a new way to invite friends to events. They work in the same way as text-based invitations and can be sent via email or Facebook. The person receiving the invitation clicks the video, and it starts playing, giving them a chance to RSVP. As a result, people are more likely to attend an event they weren’t explicitly invited to.

Inviting friends via personalized video invitations can leave you with unanswered questions: Did they see the invite? Will they accept your request? Did they invite anyone else? Video invitations solve these questions by providing visual confirmation that your friend has seen or accepted your invitation. Video invitations allow people to quickly reach out to friends and family and maximize their engagement at events. Video invitations allow you to invite friends to events the same way you would if they were face-to-face.

As a result, the experience is more personal and social than traditional invitations. Although video invitations work similarly to text-based invitations, they feature videos instead of text. The visual element provides more personality compared to traditional text-based invites. In the following details, you will be introduced to video invitation services such as Chatbooks and Vimeo, analyze the pros and cons of video invitations compared with text-based invitations, and touch on some ways they can be used in your everyday life.

Various Video Invitation Services

1. Chatbooks

Chatbooks allows you to create video movie theme invitations that are personalized for your friends and family. The video invitation will be sent via email. Each photo album can have its unique video invite, so if you have an event and plan to send out multiple photo albums, you can create a unique invite for each person you are inviting.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo is a video-sharing site that allows you to create a unique video invitation for your friends and family. Vimeo provides an easy way to create a personalized video invite with music and images right from your computer. The service also allows you to share videos on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

3. Video Invitations with social media

Another way to send out video invitations is through social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Twitter/Facebook allows you to send out videos as updates, showing your friends what’s going on in your life. You can create dinner party invitations using a video-sharing site such as Vimeo or YouTube and then share it on social media sites.

Pros of Video Invitations

1. Easy to Use

A significant advantage of video invitations is that they are easy to use and send out to many people at the same time. In addition, it’s an easy way to share information with a larger group of people at once, so it’s great for events such as bridal showers or family reunions.

2. More Likely to be Accepted

Video invitations are more likely to be accepted than text-based invitations. They provide an easy and quick way for your friends and family to RSVP, even if they don’t have time to send an email back with an answer.

3. Increased Engagement

Video invitations are a great way to increase engagement in social events. When your friends watch the video invite, it makes them feel like you want them at the event because you took time out of your schedule to create a personalized video just for them.

4. Simple and Easy Promotional Tool

With video invites, you can easily use them to promote your business. For example, you can use them to advertise product launches or new services that you are offering. For example, you could film a video invite of yourself answering questions about a new product or service that you are running.

5. Increase Referrals

Video invites make it easier for people to feel valued, leading to a higher level of referrals from your contacts on Facebook and LinkedIn. Even if your friend invites someone to an event, having a video send them a reminder will help them remember that you are offering something.

Video Invitation Tips

1. Create an Album for the Event

If you plan to use social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter to share a video invite, think about creating an album for each event you invite people to. For example, if you invite ten people to a baby shower, you will create ten albums (one for each person) and share the videos from the albums.

2. Keep the Video Short

If you send out video invitations to friends and family, keep them short and sweet. Just a few seconds is enough time for your viewers to feel why you want them to attend an event. If they don’t see the event you want them to come to, they might not think it’s a good idea to come.

3. Use Custom Messages

A simple way to explain why you want your friends and family to attend an event is to include a custom message in the video invitation. You can add messages like; you would love it if you came. It will help your viewers understand why they should attend and get them excited about the upcoming event.

4. Use Images of Yourself or People Who Attended

It’s a great way to show your friends and family what an event is like. If you want them to attend your baby shower, for example, film a video invite of you holding the baby. This way, your viewers will know what to expect at the event.

5. Add Music and Graphics

A video invite should be more than just another text-based invitation. It should stand out and be different from others. For example, you can add music or other background music to make the video invite stand out and make it a bit more interesting.

Video invitations are a great way to share information with family and friends. You can use video invitations at various events, including baby showers and wedding receptions. You can also create them for promotional or marketing purposes to show people why you invite them to an event.


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