A Closer Look At What To Avoid After Getting A Tattoo


After the artist completes the perfect work of ink, now it all depends on your care to keep them perfect. Understanding your concern, we’ve prepared a detailed post on “what to avoid after getting a tattoo?”. Following all the instructions to keep the Tattoo at its best look during the aftercare time and in the future. Shall we start?

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What To Avoid After Getting A Tattoo?

After having a tattoo, your skin will become very sensitive. It is essential for you to take special care of it. Here are some things you must not do.

Do Not Clean Your Skin After Having A Tattoo

Do Not Clean Your Skin After Having A Tattoo

Some might not think it is worth keeping the aftercare treatment when removing the bandage as the expense and pain for a flash tattoo are not much. Yet, ignoring the treatment aftercare might lead to some risks such as dropping out of colors, infection, and discoloration.

Your new ink need for gentle clean

Many enthusiasts apply the method of dry healing as tattoo aftercare. However, it would be best if you still treated the tattoo actively during the tattoo healing process by washing them with soap about three times every day. Do not forget to apply Vaseline ointment after that!

Contact With Sunlight Directly

Contact With Sunlight Directly

Exposure to the sun before the new Tattoo heals and knits can harm both your tattoo ink and skin.

It is understandable that the demand of your job or the weather might make your task of covering the arts and keeping them away from the sun become much more difficult. We suggest you apply a thin cover of sunblock specifically for Tattoo at 30+ SPF in such a case. Moreover, you can bring the sunscreen with you all the time when going outside so that you can re-apply it during the day.

You should avoid sunlight after getting a new tattoo.

In case you get inked on vacation time, just make sure to apply the sunscreen frequently as you might not want your tattoo to become sunburnt ink, right? Or, you can wait until your vacation time ends to have new art. With this approach, you will not need to worry about your tattoo exposure to the sun most of the time.

Scratches, Touch On The Tattoo

After the first week of getting a tattoo, you will find your tattoo peeling and scabbing.

Clearly, during this process, your Tattoo must bring you the worst feeling and look. But you should let your tattoo area heal itself without poking, picking, scratching, or prodding at that part.

Failure to do so might lead to discoloration due to pulling ink, scars, and even prompt infection.

To avoid this consequence, use a soft and clean towel or paper for cleaning. Use the towel to clean the tattoo or gently pat it dry after that. Remember to be gentle in the process to have the best result!

Shave The Part On Tattoo

Shave The Part On Tattoo

If your new art stays in the area that usually needs shaving, such as legs, neck, under the arm, scalp, or face, avoids shaving till that part heals.

Scraping over the new wound using a razor or any sharp items is not a smart decision. To be more specific, scratching the healing scabs before they are ready to move out might lead to irritants when the wound heals and knits.

Avoid shaving until the tattoo heal.

It is fine for you to continue shaving after a month from the date of having your inks when the scabs have completely fallen off.

Medicate And Neosporin

Having the treatment of medicated products such as Bacitracin or Neosporin Might will make your body heal quickly or reject it, creating an allergic reaction by a significant number of red dots and rashes.

Neosporin mostly plays a role in medical use as a thick barrier to keep your skin from the atmosphere and prevent the reintroduction of bacteria. Its medication activates by holding your wound moisture while oxygen will be at bay.

The ointment might have adverse effects on your body art. The skin patch, which has been impacted by many needles pricking repeatedly, requires oxygen. Hence, a thin moisturizer layer is good enough to heal your skin.

Neosporin is normally from petroleum, making it hard for you to remove it from your skin. The over scrubbing might lead to further irritation or remove the part that is not ready for scabbing or flaking. In some cases, this medication can fade your tattoo color through over-washing.

How To Care For Your New Tattoo?

Cover Your Tattoo

The artist usually covers your tattoo with a thin antibiotic ointment and a clean plastic wrap or bandage. In this way, your skin will limit the chance of getting in contact with bacteria. Furthermore, by covering your artwork, you can protect them from irritation by rubbing them onto the clothes.

You should keep the cover as long as the tattoo artist asks, normally for just some hours. This cover plays a role in absorbing excess ink or fluid from your new Tattoo.

Gently Clean Your Tattoo

After some hours, you should remove the covering pad and clean the part on your tattoo.

First, wash your hands using soap to limit the chance of bacteria appearing in your skin. Then gently clean your tattoo using fragrance-free cleaner and warm water. Next up, you can have a soft cloth to pat until the skin dries.

If you find your skin is too dry, you can apply a thin amount of moisturizer alcohol-free and fragrance-free on your Tattoo.


That is a quick view of what to avoid after getting a tattoo. You might now be ready to take perfect care of your Tattoo, right? As mentioned above, please be mindful of the cleaning process and tattoo covering while waiting for your artwork to completely heal! Hopefully, you will have wonderful body art! Cheer!


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