A Complete Guide To Shipping Your Motorcycle


Recently, purchased a motorcycle and require to ship it? Or are you shifting to a new place and need to ship your new dream motorcycle to a new location? If so, then we have the solution to these questions for you.

In the article below, we have a list of tips and recommended loading procedures for shipping your motorcycle safely.

Method To Ship Motorcycle

When shipping your motorcycle, you need to consider things like which way suits you the most? Airfreight or By Waterfreight?

The time and budget will play a vital role in making you choose the method. If you want your bike to be at a new location as quickly as possible, then click here to check our this site. While on other hands, if you want your shipping to be wallet-friendly and time is not an issue then, water freight will be best for you.

The method you use depends on the delivery time, budget, and distance.

How To Prepare Your Motorcycle For Shipping

  • You must clean your bike of all the dirt and be sure that there are no soil deposits on your bike, including the parts like tires.
  • Thoroughly inspect the bike and note the dents and scratches, if any.
  • If your bike is in running condition, then don’t forget to check the battery, pressure of tires, and the fluids.
  • Be sure to remove all the loose items, accessories, and the alarms and store them safely in a separate box.  Don’t forget items as well such as your motorcycle luggage.
  • Remember that you don’t have more than ¼ gas tank.
  • Before the shipping company picks up your motorcycle, always take photos of it and the accessories that you packed separately with it. The photos will act as proof if anything gets damaged while shipping or goes missing.
  • When booking for shipping with a company, talk with them about the marine insurance to be sure that your motorcycle is protected if anything goes wrong.

Loading Methods For Motorcycle

  • Crating the motorcycles separately for their safety is one of the best ways to ship a motorcycle.
  • If there is more than one motorcycle, then the motorcycles can also be braced and blocked inside the shipping containers.

Safety & Precautions

Loading is also a vital part of the procedure when shipping the motorcycles. When choosing the shipping company, always make sure that the company follows all the safety guidelines, as we have discussed above.

You must also make sure to check and confirm the insurance terms as well as the loading procedures the company uses.

One more thing to take care of is when bracing your motorcycle or putting it into a crate, be sure to use some things like thermocol, sheets, or poly wraps. Put these things between the braces and bike to prevent it from getting scratched.


These tips and suggestions in the article that we have listed will act as a Guide to shipping your motorcycle safely. The article will help you to ship and keep your precious piece of engineering safe and sound.

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