A Complete Guide to Start Cooking Blog

Are you a fan of Selena and the chef’s recipes? Salena started this online video series during the lockdown to entertain those quarantined in their homes. HBO Selena recipes have since become world famous. Also, online simulation games helped many of us to pass the time during the pandemic. The majority of us who have good hands at cooking started food blogging. Read on to explore more about starting a cooking blog without professional assistance.

Are you interested in starting a food blog but still trying to figure out where to begin? We know how annoying it may be to deal with technological issues when all you want to do is share that fantastic recipe. This advice will help you with any technical problems you may have if you wish to start a cooking blog or become a more successful food blogger.

Are you prepared to launch a lovely food blog? Your choices are two

To do it for you, hire a web designer. Although custom designs typically cost several thousand dollars, they are undoubtedly possible if you have the cash to spare. Before writing a check, be sure to request references and wait times.

Make it on your own. Below, we will go over how to create your self-hosted WordPress website. Your hosting fee will be $2.95 a month plus the cost of a theme (ranging from free to $130). Using the resources listed below, we created this website. Therefore, we are confident that you can too!

Steps to starting your food blog

Here are the fundamental procedures for creating a self-hosted WordPress food blog that is attractive and useful. Your blog will be scalable as it expands and has a unique domain name and a distinctive design. We advise following these guidelines when beginning a food blog for a better chance of success.

Get a domain name that goes with the name of your blog. Short, memorable domain names usually end in.com (yourblogname.com).

Free with Bluehost or $15 per year elsewhere in terms of cost.

Find a trustworthy web host

Your website is kept on a web host’s server and made available to the internet. In other words, your web host’s servers are where your website “lives.”

Cost: $2.95 and above per month.

Activate WordPress

WordPress is the best blogging platform available today.

No charge!

Install a theme for WordPress

Your website’s appearance, feel, and operation depend on your WordPress theme.

Accessible to $130 in price.

Activate Google’s tools

Google provides helpful products and services like Search Console and Google Analytics.

No charge!

Install plugins for WordPress

WordPress plugins increase some of the functionality of the platform. For instance, one of our suggested free WordPress plugins works to stop spam comments.

Cost: primarily free!

Start a blog!

Publish the stories, recipes, and images.

Cost: Work Hard!

Get a domain name that goes with the name of your blog

The hardest part of starting a new blog can be coming up with a name. You can begin your brainstorming by creating a brief goal statement or by making a list of terms that best define your cooking, lifestyle, background, etc. Include your name and the name of your recipe, for example, Selena Gomez’s recipes. Discuss it with your friends. We assure you that there are a tonne of excellent titles available that still need to be taken.

Qualities of the excellent blog name

  • Descriptive
  • Memorable
  • Short
  • simple to spell

Like simulation games, you can engage your audience with exciting content and food pictures on your blog. Hence, get ready and start blogging to display your cooking skills to the world.