A Complete List Of Things To Prepare Before The Arrival Of The Baby

Having a baby can be one of the most daunting yet exciting periods of our lives due to the joy that bringing a new life into this world can bring. However, for first-time parents, it can be a minefield as advice is being given from all quarters yet you are not quite sure who to listen to. The list of things to prepare seems to never stop growing despite the fact that the big day is rapidly approaching. If this sounds like you, then don’t fear, you can sit back with a cuppa and read the following comprehensive guide of what to prepare before the arrival of your baby. 

Speak to People with Experience

One of the best ways of putting yourself at ease is to speak to your friends that have already gone through the experience of having a baby. They will be able to impart valuable advice based on what they have been through and will be able to answer any questions that you have to ease your anxieties. If you don’t have friends with this experience then you can always fall back on the support of your parents or even join one of the countless forums on the internet where all things babies are discussed in a calm and safe environment. Whatever you do, it is important to seek as much advice as possible so that when the big day comes you are as prepared as you possibly can be. 

Prepare the Nursery

Once your newborn arrives it is going to need somewhere to sleep and to pass the time when it is learning about its new environment, and this place will be the nursery. A cot that satisfies local safety requirements is paramount and you should also decorate your nursery in a way that will entertain your child. Animal prints or scenes of nature will engage and you can also design mobiles to hang over your cot to keep your new wee bairn amused and distracted. Make sure your nursery is stocked with essentials such as a changing table and a plentiful supply of cloth nappies, and then you can be confident that when you bring your baby home everything in the nursery will be just so.

Plan for the Early Months

It is not enough to have just planned for the arrival of your baby, it is also necessary to plan for the first few months of its life as it is going to grow remarkably quickly and before you know it it could be teething or even walking. Judith, an expert on all things postnatal from Kute Keiki, recommends that you prepare well in advance for teething as it can be an extremely painful period for all involved as there will be a lot of crying and many sleepless nights. You will need to prepare special food to help soothe their gums and a teething toy to help them learn to chew on. If you are aware in advance of the processes surrounding teething or learning to walk then you will be in a much better position to adapt when the time comes. 

Prepare the House

There are certain aspects of your home that you are going to need to change before the arrival of your baby. If you have pets, then they are likely to be slightly bemused by the new arrival so try and keep them calm and introduce them to each other gently. They should not sleep in the same room as each other early on, so you will need to install barriers to stop any animals from getting upstairs and distracting your baby’s much-needed rest. You should also give your house a spring clean to ensure there is no dust that could provoke any unknown allergies.

Prepare the House

Plan Childcare

It sounds obvious but many people forget about how they plan to care for their child. It is likely that the father will have to go back to work and maybe financial pressures mean that the mother will have to too. In this situation, it is important to think about who else can help share the burden. Maybe your parents or grandparents can share the load or you might be lucky enough to have a sibling or friend going through pregnancy at the same time that you can share childcare classes with.

As we have discussed there is a lot to learn when it comes to preparing for a baby, but the fundamentals are that your home should be baby and pet-proofed and that you should have a diverting and entertaining nursery set up. Plan for who will help you look after your newborn and think about the growth they will go through in the early months by being prepared for teething and those first tentative steps. Good luck and enjoy the journey!