A comprehensive guide to choosing the best toner for your skin


Do you want your skin to have a natural glow? Well, it is not possible without a toner?  The toner is the lifeline for your skin. When you cleanse your face, then it is essential to restore the PH Balance of your skin.

The toner helps to maintain the PH of your skin. It absorbs all the excess oils from your skin. The best part is that the toner removes the dirt from the pores of your skin. When your skin will not have oil buildup, then it will not develop any blemishes.

The best approach will be to go for a combo of toner and moisturizer. Consider opting for toning moisturizer at BIODERMA. The reason is that your skin will remain flawless and moisturized at the same time.

How to choose a toner according to skin type

Choosing toner according to skin type

When you have oily skin, then go for a toner that exfoliates your skin gently. The benefit is that you will be in a position to get rid of dead cells from your skin. Ideally, glycolic acid should be added to your toner.

When you have sensitive skin, then you should go for a toner that is free from alcohol. It should not have any botanicals. Even when you have combination skin, then you should go for alcohol-free toner.

When you have dry skin, then go for a toner that helps in skin hydration. Go for a toner that helps in improved moisturizer absorption.

Go for a reputed brand

The brand matters at the end of the day. Try going for a reputed brand to choose the best toner. Check out the ingredients of the toner. Make sure that you research the ingredients online so that you know how the toner will offer value to you.

How to use the toner?

The way you use the toner will also play a role in bringing the results. You should make sure that you apply the toner to cleansed face. You do not need to take massive quantity of the toner. You only need to take about two to three drops of the toner on the cotton pad.

Wipe your face with the cotton pad. When you have oily skin, then you should use the toner twice a day. When you have dry skin, then you should only use the toner at night. The best way to use a toner is to transfer it to a spray bottle.

The benefit is that it will not be a problem to distribute the toner evenly on your face. When you have blemishes, then use a toner that has Aloe Vera gel. If the toner has natural fruit extract, then it will also help to remove blemishes.

Follow these guidelines when you use a toner. The benefit is that you will get the best results in no time. The essential aspect is that you need to be consistent in use. You will not get the results overnight but daily usage will help.

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