A Comprehensive Guide To Picking The Right Handbag For Your Body Shape

A fashionista knows there are rules when it comes to pairing a handbag to a particular body shape. As much as we love to have all the latest Michael Kors bags, picking all and any handbag is a fashion no-no! A bag that flatters your body is paramount in making the overall outfit. The key to having a closet that works for you is to just have a few show-stopping classic handbags that can go with a range of outfits from casual to office looks. When the outfit and the handbag work together, it makes the entire outfit be in harmony.

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Handbags and purses may look nice and fabulous but they need to provide you with functionality. The size and shape must go hand in hand with the type of day and occasion you are having. For example, office wear needs a handbag that is structured and securely locked to secure important office documents. A picnic in the park, on the other hand, can accommodate a large handbag that will contain all the nitty-gritty needed for your time at the park. Carefully consider the sturdiness of the bag to know if it will carefully hold everything that you have.

The number one rule to pairing the handbag to your shape is to first know your shape and what works perfectly for you. Body shapes are varied from busty, hippy, petite, tall, broad-shouldered and the list goes on and on. A handbag helps you counterbalance your curves or in some instances add curves to other body types. A tall and slender body will need a bag that is just the opposite. Round and over-sized bags will flatter the physique better than what slim bags can do. There are four standard body types that you can compare yours to as highlighted below;

Hourglass: This is the most evasive body shape that most ladies yearn to have. The shoulders and hips are well balanced out with curves in all the right places. This shape allows you to rock a wide variety of bags of all shapes and sizes. A tip for this body shape is to choose bolder and classic handbags for the workplace and colorful fancy bags for the weekend. If you are tall and curvy, low hanging bags are the best and don’t exaggerate your height. If you are short and curvy, a long slim bag is recommended as it makes you look a lot slimmer and taller.

Pear-shaped: This shape carries most of the weight around the hip area. The shoulders and waist are narrower than the hips. The pear-shape calls for bags with shorter straps that will hang higher on your body and create a more balanced silhouette. Avoid hip-length bags to emphasize your slim middle. Cross-bags that hit the hips are a definite no as they make you look heavier on the waist down.

Apple-shaped: The shoulders, bust, waist and hips are fairly uniform but the shoulders and hips may be slightly narrower. The shape comes with a large bust making the waistline appear rather undefined. This shape requires classy and versatile structured bags that have more depth. Keep micro-bags at an arm’s length as they are likely to disappear against your figure. The large bust isn’t for saddlebags as they will draw attention to your cleavage instead of your outfit.

Rectangular shape: The shoulders, waist and hip areas are all of the same size. The figure is relatively oblong hence you should strictly avoid structured bags that will make your body appear too rigid. Slouchy, wide shaped bags such as hobo bags and oversized tote bags are the best as they will give you some curves to your figure.