A Comprehensive Guide to Wearing Cufflinks for Men


As an accessory that works both as a functional piece and an ornament, cufflinks for men are something that can effortlessly enhance the appearance of stylish men – if worn properly.

Back in the old days, men used to adorn themselves with a variety of jewellery – showcasing social status and prestige. Since the industrial revolution, as men started to operate in a business-like environment, their styles gradually changed to subdued, essential basics. This change has deprived men of wearing lots of jewellery pieces and made them look all alike.

Today, only a few accessories remain in style, with cufflinks for men very popular for its elegance, particularity, functionality, and style. A fashionable enhancement to men’s dress shirt; cufflinks can help an individual to express his own unique style – even if they are all wearing the same shirts and suits.

Purposes of Cufflinks for Men

Cufflinks are pieces of jewellery that are used to fasten and secure the cuffs of a shirt. It’s a fashionable alternative to the usual buttons with its purpose going far beyond the functional aspects. Unlike buttons, the cufflinks aren’t usually sewn on to the fabric. Instead, it’s a removable piece that comes with its own toggle closures or chain links for fastening. Although mainly worn with a dress shirt, the abundance of design options makes them perfectly suitable for any occasion.

mens cuff links style

They can be based on a theme – religion, culture, romance, spirit, and so on; or just an intricately designed ornamental piece. Regardless of how they are designed, however, it’s sure to offer a contrast to the everyday buttons and makes the cuffs more attractive and refreshing to look at.

Different Types of Cufflinks

Despite being a smaller piece of jewel, cufflinks for men are available in a great range of options. It can differ from one another in terms of designs, materials, themes, sizes, colours, etc. Usually, the most popular cufflinks are made using stainless steel, precious metals such as silver, platinum, gold, leather, fabric, or a combination of a few different materials.

Some cufflinks are also ornamented with charms and precious stones such as diamonds and zirconia. Based on the occasion or personal taste, you will also find cufflinks with flags, cross, engravings, or symbols such as guitar, wheels, birds, plants – you get the idea. There are dozens of hinges and closures; making them as suitable to personal tastes as possible.

Basics of Wearing Cufflinks

Cufflinks for men are versatile enough to be worn with both the regular, single cuff dress shirts or with the doubled-cuffs shirts popularly known as the French cuffs. While the regular, buttoning cuffs need to have holes on both parts of the opening; the French cuffs are usually adorned with two holes on either side.

Once you get the holes right, you just have to insert the cufflinks all the way through both holes before fastening the links to its closed position. You can position the cuffs as either overlapping or kissing style.

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