A few facts about Tommy Hilfiger and his shoes


The Tommy Hilfiger brand is one of the most recognizable American footwear and clothing companies all around the world. With a vast selection of shoes, clothes and accessories, the products by the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation are suitable for everyone!

The early life of Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger was an ordinary boy living close to New York City. Although his parents wanted him to get a college degree, he decided to spend his life savings instead to open a fashion shop as the People’s Place. Unsatisfied with the clothes he was selling, Hilfiger started to sketch his own designs. After the People’s Place went bankrupt, he gained experience in several different fashion labels and then, in 1979, decided to open his first own brand called Tommy Hill. Meanwhile, he spent time travelling and learning about new trade options.

Tommy Hilfiger INC. – how did it all begin?

In 1984, Tommy Hilfiger met Mohan Murjani, a businessman willing to invest in fashion. Murjani decided to help Hilfiger to establish his own designer brand. That is how the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation was founded. With the help of the Murjani Group, the new line of clothes was widely promoted and made a huge success. When Hilfiger took on two former executives of Ralph Lauren, his popularity reached its peak. The company went public and its product range expanded. Today the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation sells clothes, shoes and accessories for men, women and children.

Shoes made by Tommy Hilfiger

Apart from designing and selling clothes, Tommy Hilfiger is known for releasing fashionable shoes for men, women and children. The footwear manufactured by the company can be characterised by the highest quality of manufacture and resistance. The versatile shoes with the distinctive three-colour logo go well with different stylings and can be combined with casual and semi-formal outfits. The range of Tommy Hilfiger shoes primarily includes sneakers, trainers and flip flops. All top-selling shoes from Tommy Hilfiger can be found on Sneaker Peeker, an online shop specialising in footwear.  And if your bowling make sure you use the best bowling accessoriesAlso make sure you checking out bowling ball reviews and top bowling shoes as well.

Versatile shoes for different occasions

How did Tommy Hilfiger shoes manage to become so popular among people from all over the world? The answer is very easy! The Tommy Hilfiger brand is known for selling high quality trendy clothes and accessories for different age groups. The products are the incarnation of luxury and prestige. The shoes from Tommy Hilfiger are the perfect combination of excellent durability and interesting designs. They are not only comfortable and resistant to wear and tear but they also look stunning. White sneakers with the tricolour logo, denim trainers with white details, summer and pool flip flops, colourful shoes for children… the product range is so big that it is difficult to choose and buy only one pair of these fashionable shoes.  You can click here to find a variety of heavy-duty shoes as well.

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