A Group Tour of San Francisco’s Music History


From Jefferson Airplane to Jimi Hendrix, San Francisco is a living mural to the greats of music. San Francisco has been one of those places that has hosted hundreds of musicians from their humble beginnings to their platinum-plated glory. One of the tours that you can arrange for when visiting San Francisco is thus, the music tour, where you visit the historical musical landmarks of yore. You can charter a San Francisco bus rental to visit these sites and have a long day out without any problems.

Here are some pointers on how to make this group tour more interesting, and exciting for everyone involved and to take off the pressure from your work as you arrange the tour.

1.   Transportation

San Francisco can get pretty crowded. So, if you’re traveling with a large group, small cars or a convoy of vehicles is not something you should go for.. To prevent you from ending up in a space where half of your group members are lost, it’s better to arrange a large locomotive. You can go for a large bus which would ply you guys back and forth through various attractions.

Transportation is one of the critical spaces where you would rest in between visits, so, make sure, to choose a transport that is comfortable for every party involved.

2. The absolute must-visit spots

  • Haight district – With the homes of the “Grateful Dead”, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane, this district has been a home for the greats of music for many years. You can find Victorian houses where Janis Joplin practiced her brand of music and the apartment that Hendrix made music out of.
  • Phoenix Hotel – One of the most intimate performances places in the city is in Polk Street, the Phoenix Hotel is one of those venues you have to visit. Rock and roll icons from back in the 60s used to treat it as a hotspot.
  • The Filmore – Everyone from Santana to The Who have called this stage their home at one point in their lives. The Filmore was a dance hall earlier, and it grew out to become one of the original rock venues that held everyone together.
  • The Chapel – This mortuary turned to rock music venue, has hosted musicians for decades now, and is a chapter of American rock and roll that no one can erase
  • The Independent – One of the more modern auditoriums where you’ll find the contemporary authors of the traditional genre partaking in the art of music.

You can always check out the various points that are surround the place you’re in, and visit the different places. There are many hotels and more intimate spaces where you can go to festivals and other things. The modern bands and underground subculture is also strong. Remember to keep nights open to account for the various musicians that play through the day.

3. Plan for tours

Most historical places offer custom tours of the area. The region will open itself up and offer different ways to get through to the San Francisco music scene. Remember to book ahead of the time, take cues and plan ahead, and make sure to have everything ready. All the tours are timed and have their practices, so, it’s better to carry a brochure and plan out everything in advance.

Either way, you’d be better suited to visiting the various venues with the plans that have been handed to you. Remember to plan for something unexpected that might happen in the middle, and problems that may arise.

4. Have alternative routes planned

Remember how we said that San Francisco could get very busy? One of the ways to prepare for the whole thing is to make sure that the courses are all chalked out from before, and you’ve alternative orders to visit the important places in and around town. Give yourself some flexibility on how you want to conduct the tour, and it should work out well.

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