A Guide on How to Maintain Your First Home


Are you one of those young adults who exit their childhood homes without REALLY knowing how to look after a property? That often happens if parents spoil their kids by doing most of the household chores. The truth is, maintaining a house isn’t simply cleaning and making sure everything is neat. It also means fixing parts of the property that wear over time. Full inspections need to be done regularly too. If you don’t, it can deteriorate and cost you a lot of money later on!

Doing a full inspection on your property is crucial especially when it comes to the plumbing. Leaking pipes can cause major water damage in your home so you want to make sure they are working. For any repairs you need done phone a plumber Melbourne locals trust to help you. But what else needs to be done? 

We’re giving you a full guide on how to sustain your first home. 

Conduct a Full Inspection 


Is the Plumbing Working Correctly? 

Do you have damaged or worn plumbing? You’ll need a professional’s assistance. Fortunately, finding plumbing services Melbourne residents trust is easy. Simply search for various services in your area on Google’s SERPs and read up on reviews to find the best one. 

Once you’ve found a service provider call a plumber to come out and inspect your pipes, toilets & drains. If there are any problems with the pipes or drains the plumber will issue you with a quote on how much he or she will charge to fix them. If you accept the quote the plumber will start working on repairing the water pipes. 

Skirting Boards and Windows

It’s important to check windows and get screen enclosure repair in Tampa if necessary, and skirting boards for pest infestations, water damage or cracks that occur around frames & trimmings. Keep these areas clean at all times to prevent build-up of muck and mould growth.   

Walls, Floors and Doors

Inspect your walls for cracks, peeling paint or mould. These are common signs of water damage which can be caused by humidity and improper plumbing maintenance. Find the source of the problem, repair it and then wash and repaint your walls. 

Tiles can crack and tarnish over time. Wood can swell and rot when it gets old. Budget for any repairs that need to be done on the floors because this can get expensive if you leave it too long. 

Doors that squeak or creak when you open them can get annoying. Oil your door hinges regularly to prevent them from corroding and making unpleasant sounds when you open & close the door.

Check for Cracked Ceilings and Roof Tiles 

Damaged roof tiles can be extremely hazardous because rain can pour inside your roof and damage electrical work & the ceiling of your home. If there are any cracked tiles it’s advised that you replace them immediately to prevent further damage to your property. 

Cracks in ceilings could simply indicate that the property is old. You can repair cracks easily by sealing them with joint compound. Smooth out the area and paint over it. 

Inspect Electrical Work

Your electrical work is also a feature of your home that you need to inspect for safety reasons. Check that your light switches work correctly and there are no buzzing sounds coming from plugs or wiring. 

Flickering lights could mean you have faulty electrical work. You’ll have to call a professional electrician from Hillarys to come out and fix the issue for you.

Backyard Checks

Inspect the outside of your home regularly. Check that your main water switch is working correctly and that your gutters are clean. Water damage can also occur outside so make sure that all drainage systems are clean and working correctly. 

Inspect your garden for termites, moles and other pests that may destroy your landscape. If you have a vegetable patch it could attract vermin so make sure you check this area frequently.   

Basic House Maintenance 

Basic maintenance housework is easy but it can be tedious to do. If you disliked doing chores at your parents’ home, cleaning your own house is probably going to be worse for you. However, if you clean your house regularly it will be comfortable to live in and it won’t cause so much stress in your life. Here’s what you should do: 


  • Dust Control: Clean surfaces frequently to prevent dust build-up. Use dust cleaning products to sanitise areas.
  • Moisture Control: As mentioned before moisture can cause mould which is extremely hazardous to one’s health. Keep windows open and use fans or air conditioning to reduce moisture. 
  • Cleaning Air Filters: A clogged air filter can damage your HVAC system and push harmful particles into the air that can make you ill. Keep your air filters clean to reduce air pollution. To do this simply remove your HVAC air filter and brush it clean or shake out the dust. 
  • Washing up: Your dishes must be done every night to prevent pest invasions. Use bleach to clean off counters, bathrooms and floors regularly. 


Final Thoughts 

Don’t let the value of your home decrease because you’ve slacked on maintenance. There are always service providers out there that can help you with technical maintenance issues. Simply make sure you keep money aside for whenever you need emergency repairs done on your home. 

Now, that’s not too difficult, right?

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