A Guide on Writing Killer Research Papers

Research papers.

If you are not someone like me, you will dread research papers. I dressed in research papers when I was in college. It is a kind of paper that can make an organized student look disorganized, staring at the assignment, and shaking in their shoes. One must select broad topics, do some further research, pose a question to yourself, and then find the answer to the question. Another thing that you have to do is cite your work. How is one meant to do this paper?

Do not be afraid, because writing has a weakness that you can use to do it. With a little help and courage, you can do the research paper with ease or buy research papers.

Let us begin.

Select a topic

One must select a topic he has an interest in. It is not debatable. It is the topic that you will write about for the rest of the research to either decide to select a topic that you have an interest in or select a vague topic to you. Whether you do not like a particular class, you have an interest in a topic.

You can want to write about psychiatry, yet you are in an engineering class, which is somewhere good to begin. But you have to at least brainstorm and come with a topic that best suits you. Here are the factors that you can consider if you need to look specific.

Time frame

What are most psychiatric cases in people in your vicinity in the last three years?


How the psychiatry case in one’s vicinity is related to the cases in other vicinities.


 Compare the number of psychiatric cases in the city and the suburb.


How can the cases of psychiatry reduce within your vicinity?

You need to understand what you are researching instead of you putting yourself in a box. Get topics that are not analytical.

Create clear thesis statements

It is a research paper that refers to be just a fancy paper when it doesn’t have a thesis. Research papers subdivide into three categories argumentative, expository, and analytical.

Analytical essays

These essays help to indicate the analysis of data.

Expository essays

These essays intend to explain somethings.

Argumentative essay

Argumentative essays intend to prove to an audience a point.

One should try to get a topic that best suits him and has to write about and create a viable thesis.

A good thesis contains the following qualities,

It must have a back of the research.

If one of these qualities miss, then the thesis is not good.

Hit books

Now that you have the thesis, it is high time you went and researched the topic that you want to do. And what I mean by research, is go and not only research on the internet but also in the library.

If one has chosen a thesis, he is not sure about someone can consult google. Make sure you go further and search for the content in textbooks too.

Write outlines

Whether you were you write a research paper with an outline, you must at least outline. Outlines do most of the work when writing essays. Outlines keep one on track and organized. If you have the feeling of just writing without the outline, stop. An outline is brief. It has a conclusion, body, and introduction. But if you are not that interested, we can tell you how to get college assignment help.


Once you get to know how to write a research paper, it is easier to write a research paper.