A Guide to Artificial Grass for Your Garden

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Trying to achieve the perfect look for your garden in 2022? Artificial grass might be a fantastic modern solution, and it’s growing in popularity amongst those that want to make the most of the sun without having to regularly maintain their lawn.

From leading UK supplier Grass Warehouse, here’s a quick guide to artificial grass, with information on the materials used, and the benefits it offers over traditional natural lawns.

What is Artificial Grass?

As the name suggests, artificial grass is a grass alternative comprising of soft, synthetic fibres, typically supplied in rolls and made to emulate the finish of green turf. You’ll likely already be familiar with the astro turfs that have long been used for sports pitches, but this modern solution has become much more popular in homes and commercial property over the last few years.

Of course, depending on the look that you’re trying to go for, artificial grass rolls will look much different. From their colours, to thickness and lengths, to overall density, these lawn alternatives give you the freedom to truly choose how you want your space to feel.

Tip – Unsure of which style of fake grass might look best in your garden space? Try ordering some grass samples online to get an in-person look and feel. Subtle colour tone differences can make quite the difference on the overall effect once installed properly.

Why Choose Artificial Grass Over Natural Turf?

There are a huge number of reasons why people are increasingly opting for fake turf in their front and rear garden spaces, but one of the main factors is convenience. Retaining their ‘freshly-cut’ look without the need for constant mowing and upkeep, artificial rolls free up time spent working in your garden so that you can enjoy the space instead.

Another benefit of artificial lawns is that they remove the need to use pesticides and chemicals in your lawn, making them safer for pets and also saving money in the long term. For a more in-depth list of benefits and trends, check out this guide to artificial grass in 2022 and the best artificial turf dealer in El Cajon, CA.

What is Artificial Grass Made Of?

Typically, these synthetic grass rolls are constructed with resilient, waterproof polypropylene materials, which help them to resist the elements when installed. Some ranges also come with built-in UV protection, which help them to keep their colour and prevent fading in the sun.

Tip: When searching for the right turf for your garden space, try to invest in a good quality product that is durable and long-lasting. The rolls provided by Grass Warehouse, for instance, are manufactured by leading European suppliers to a high standard. This doesn’t mean that upgrading to fake grass can’t be budget-conscious, however, as there are a huge range of price points depending on how much you’re looking to allocate to your renovation project.

Looking for a grass roll that’s suitable for your dog or cat? Make sure that the product is resilient, and with additional drainage holes so that you can easily wash away waste over time to keep your lawn looking fresh and vibrant.