A Guide to Buying Picture Frames


Have you always wanted to frame pictures but don’t know where to start or how to go about the process? Every frame that is designed is purposely meant to fit a picture of a piece of art. You’ll need to be savvy enough to know exactly what you’d want before you go out shopping. In this guide, we’re going to highlight some of the factors you should put into consideration when deciding which frames you should buy.


What color frames should you go for? This is the first question or you’re likely to ask yourself when shopping for frames. It can be a bit confusing because there are different variables that will come into play when deciding the color. The type of artwork and the space in the frame will all play a major role in selecting the color of the frame. If you’re searching for custom poster frames, there could be room to go all out with the colors. If you’re undecided about the color, you can never go wrong with black and white as they’ll practically blend with just any house.


You’ll first need to have a clear picture of your artwork before deciding on the size of the frame. A good shop is one that provides the frames in a variety of sizes. Most such shops will also have standard sizes to choose from. It will be a good idea to match the artwork with the common sizes available so that you’re not having a hard time getting the right one.

Where to Buy

It is nowadays possible to shop from the comfort of your home. You can either choose to visit a physical store or go online. Buying online is preferable as you get a wide selection of frames. It is also possible to compare prices so that you’re aware of what exactly you’ll be getting. If you’re to buy online, make sure to go through the terms and conditions of the website.


Just as with most things, the price of the frames will have a direct correlation with the quality. High-end frames could be a little pricey and you might just decide to splurge if you’re feeling generous and would like to make your home stand out. Make sure to do price comparisons so that you’re not overpaying from the frames.


The style of the frames will mostly water down to your personal preferences. You can design for traditional or contemporary design depending on the theme of your home. Pinterest will be a great place to start if you’re looking for inspiration on the kind of style to go for. If there isn’t a lot of space to work with, it is usually recommended that you’re going for hanging frames.


Aesthetics matter a big deal when searching for picture frames. You want to get something that will stand out whenever someone enters the living room. You don’t want to go for a cheap frame that could demean the efforts you’ve put into the interior decoration of your home.


It is crucial that you’re getting the right material for your picture frame. When it comes to moldings and frames, there are generally two materials that you can choose from metal and wood. You’ll most likely get the best value when you decide to settle on the two options as a choice of material. Wooden frames look more natural and are aesthetically appealing. That is why they’re preferred by a lot of homeowners.

Choosing the Right Molding

In order to get the perfect frame for your home, the focus will need to be on the molding. There are different options of molding that you can go for and some of the most common ones include Italian prime, glaze, Metropolis, Oakwood, and Vogue molding. Italian Prime molding is an excellent choice if you’re searching for aesthetics without necessarily having to break the bank.

Ready-Made Vs. Custom

There are companies that specialize in custom made frames. They can come up with a unique size and design depending on your tastes and preferences.  If you prefer readymade frames, the common sizes can do the job.


Having a small space shouldn’t be the reason to dismiss picture frames as a decorative alternative. You just need to be creative with the space that is available. Don’t just look at the price when deciding on the frames because it doesn’t tell the whole story of what you can expect.

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