A Guide to Making Your Food Healthier

Society is becoming increasingly health-conscious, as more people are embracing exercise, buying wellness products and quitting smoking. If you’re one of the millions of people making changes to your lifestyle, you will likely want to consume food and drinks that can improve your general health.

To create a happier and more energetic body, read this mini guide to making your food healthier.

Use Less Oil to Slash Calories

Extra-virgin olive oil and canola oil might be good for your heart, but they are loaded with approximately 120 calories per teaspoon. To enjoy all the health benefits without adding unnecessary calories onto your plate, try to use less oil in your cooking. If possible, roast dishes in the oven or fry ingredients on a non-stick, cast-iron, or enamel-coated skillet to decrease the amount of oil you will need.

Add CBD Oil into Your Dishes

Cooking oils aren’t the only oils that offer health benefits. While CBD oil shouldn’t be used as a cooking aid, it is believed to provide the body with many benefits when added to a dish. While additional studies are required, organic CBD oil could ease various health issues, such as anxiety, depression, inflammation, or pain. It is an easy way to maximize the health benefits of a meal without interfering with the flavors or textures.

Prep Salad the Day Before

Did you know you should prepare salad the day before you eat it? Tearing at iceberg or romaine lettuce the day before can reportedly quadruple the antioxidants. Also, a salad will maintain its health benefits if you shred the greens with your fingers. Don’t forget to place a paper towel with the produce in a plastic bag to keep it fresh and delicious.

Don’t Chop Your Carrots Before Cooking

Carrots will retain their nutritious value when raw and whole. If you need to cook carrots for a dish or maybe you want to add them as ingredients to make healthy hamburgers, it is recommended to cook them whole first. Serve whole carrots to ensure you and your loved ones enjoy the many benefits of the vegetable, and you won’t need to compromise on quality or flavor.

Let Garlic Rest for 10 Minutes

As you may know, garlic offers many health benefits, such as anti-cancer properties, vitamin b6, natural antibiotics, and vitamin C. However, don’t chop the nutritious ingredient and throw it straight into a pan or tray. Instead, you must allow it to sit on a cutting board for 10 minutes after chopping, pressing, or mashing, as resting will release more of its medicinal qualities. After 10 minutes, you should then add the garlic into your cooking.

Choose Canned Tomatoes Over Fresh

Believe it or not, canned tomatoes are healthier than fresh alternatives. Canned tomatoes reportedly contain the richest source of lycopene, which may lower a person’s risk of heart disease, macular degeneration, and prostate cancer. If you prefer fresh tomatoes, look for smaller options with a deep red color, as they will add more nutrients to a dish.