A Guide to Maternity Photography

In recent years, more and more women are embracing the glow and wonder of new life. Therefore, maternity photoshoots have become wildly popular to immortalize the memory of these fleeting moments.

Nowadays, many photographers and studios, trying to keep up with the trend, offer special maternity and newborn photo packages. Undoubtedly, maternity photo sessions can be quite challenging for moms-to-be.

Some clients come with an abundance of maternity photo ideas whereas others rely on the photographer to capture all the raw emotions. This guide will prepare you for the big day while looking relaxed, beautiful, and comfortable.

A Complete Guide To Maternity Photography

A maternity photoshoot is different from the other portrait session, therefore, traditional poses would not quite cut it. The client and the photographer have to unleash their creativity and decide on the best location, time and poses.


Wardrobe and styling are usually done by the client and often photographers help with their valuable inputs. Generally, three to four maternity dresses are required for the photo shoot.

Moreover, styling choices are dependent on the photos you are looking for. Whether you want formal, nude, or implied-nude photos, choose the maternity outfit accordingly.

Comfort & Safety

The comfort and safety of the mother-to-be command top priority. Often, these sessions take hours or longer than expected because of the multiple wardrobe changes.

Most likely, the client will get exhausted after a while, so, keep a comfortable chair or have a space for her to relax and rest.

Maternity Photo Ideas

Prior to the photo session, create a list of ideas and maternity poses that can be easily brought to life. If the nursery is fully finished, take some photos there as well as incorporate some bedroom shots.

If the client is not into simple aesthetics, choose a good outdoor location with natural light. The outdoor location will help you get some beautiful candid and glowing shots that a studio-based portrait session fails to. In the end, it comes down to the personal preferences of the client and how they want to capture this special time.

Photo Session with the Siblings

The maternity photo session is a great time to include kids and the client’s partner and get creative. Prepare the kids for the photoshoot beforehand, get them to practice kissing and hugging your tummy.

You can opt for the traditional poses like hugging the belly, a cuddle session on the bed, or siblings-to-be gathering around mom.

Tips For Maternity Photo Sessions

  • The Perfect Time – Get the photo shoot done when the bump is in full shape. However, that does not mean that you have to wait till the end time to capture this amazing experience.
  • Communication – Since these clients are not professional models, the photographer and the mother-to-be have to communicate effectively to get the best shots.
  • Candid Shots – Candid shots look better than traditional portraits. Hence, capture personal moments as well as a few planned photos.


Since this special time brings so much joy and excitement, we advise mothers-to-be to not stress it out. Relax, enjoy the fun times, and let the photographer do his magic.