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Let’s look into Disney’s very own teen sitcom to travel time, Phil of the Future. The show focuses on a family from the year 2121, where time traveling is already frequent. With hopes of having a nice family vacation, the dad rented a time machine and went on with his family. However, while traveling, the engine had a problem, and they got thrown outside the space and time continuum. With a glance, it clearly shows a broken time machine, and it was then they knew they are stuck in the year 2004. The dad, Lloyd, tried to fix the device, but it was hopeless. After seeing the machine, the family Diffy – Phil, Pim, Lloyd, and Barbara, is forced to take some time and live as an ordinary family in the present day.

Phil of the Future is another one of Disney’s successful series. The original concept is what makes this show successful – combined with the laughter, high school reality, and a little bit of teen romance; it resulted in one excellent series.

The main star of the show is Phil, a fifteen-year-old boy and eldest child of Lloyd and Barbara. He got stuck in the past alongside his family, which means, he was obliged to live a not so healthy life as a typical teenager in a different century. Being an average teenager means going to school, making friends, and going out. This way of life could be tricky to Phil since living in the year 2121 is way different from the year 2004. That’s why Phil’s trying hard to fit in and act normal.

Phil entered as a freshman in H.G. Wells Junior High School. When it comes to school, Phil is somewhat odd because of his lack of knowledge in the 21st century. Due to this, other students often referred to him as weird or even sometimes dumb. However, despite these allegations, Phil is doing well in school. One reason is that the education system in the year 2121 is far more advanced compared to the 21st century. That’s why Phil excels in school, especially in math. He solved most math problems from his teacher, implying that what he sees in the 21st-century school is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what he learned in the future.

Part of being a typical teenager has friends or sometimes being in a relationship, and interestingly, Phil did both. At school, Phil befriended a girl named Keely Teslow. Phil helps Keely in her assignments, answering problems, and other school activities – they were pretty good friends in the first season of the series. Until it came the second season, it was when Keely started to show attraction towards Phil, which ended in both of them being in a relationship.

It is apparent in the series that Disney did an excellent job of making new concepts, at the same time, having the same classic feeling whenever you watch them. As a teenager, you will surely love the storyline and the comedy the series brings. And as we look back to this incredible series, nostalgia will surely start to kick in.

Phil of the Future Characters

Phil Diffy (Ricky Ullman)

Phil is the older brother of Pim, which he is two years earlier. He has a friendly, kind, and easy-going character. When an accident forced them to live in the past, he finds himself going to a 21st-century high school where he made friends and foes. Most importantly, it is where he met his best friend, who soon became his girlfriend – Keely.

Keely Teslow (Alyson Michalka)

She is the best friend and girlfriend of Phil. She went to the same high school with Phil, where she often asks Phil to help her with answering her assignment. Aside from this, Keely is the only person who knew Phil’s family-secret, and she swore not to tell anybody about it.

Pim Diffy (Amy Bruckner)

Pim is Phil’s youngest sister. One way to describe Pim is naughty. She acts as the little menace of the family and likes to pull pranks to anyone. Although despite Pim’s tough attitude, she secretly cares for her brother Phil.

Lloyd Diffy (Craig Anton)

Lloyd is the goofy dad of the Diffy family. He is the person who planned the time travel vacation, which got them all into trouble. Being stuck in the past, Lloyd started to work in a hardware store while working on fixing the time machine during his free time.

Barbara Diffy (Lise Simms)

Barbara is the mother of Phil and Pim, with a simple, kind, and loving character. She appears to be more intelligent than her husband, Lloyd, even though Barbara is part-robotic.

Interesting Facts

  • Phil’s mom, Barbara, was originally a full-robot.
  • During the creation of the series, Phil was supposed to tell Keely his secret at the final episode. The creators soon changed it because it would possibly ruin the plot.
  • The whole TV series don’t have any merchandise. However, a videogame of the show was created and was playable in Game Boy Advance.
  • In the first episode of the series, it shows Keely as a popular girl. However, it was changed, and she became more of a regular high school girl.
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