A guide to slot bonuses: Best offers, tips and tricks

Most online casinos are going to offer new players some kind of incentive in the form of bonuses – it’s good business since these perks will encourage people to sign up, and once they are playing (and assuming they enjoy the site they have signed up to which is just as important as the bonuses if casinos want long term customers) they will continue to play and continue to pay for the pleasure. 

For players, it’s a good idea to understand as much about these bonuses as possible, including how to spot the good deals from the bad; just because the sign up bonus may look the same from online casino to online casino, that doesn’t mean it actually is, and this is a crucial distinction to be able to make. Here are some more tips and tricks for getting the most out of these sign up bonuses from top 10 slot sites.

Wagering Requirements

A casino might offer a one hundred percent sign up bonus; in other words, they will match your initial deposit (usually up to a certain amount, so check this before you pay too much). This seems like an excellent deal; you effectively get to play for twice as long because your money has been doubled. 

However, make sure you check the wagering requirements before you get too excited. It might be that you have to wager a specific amount of money before you can make any withdrawals. If the wagering requirement was 10 times your initial stake, and you paid in £100 to get your £100 bonus, you would actually need to pay in £1000 in order to be able to withdraw anything. This might not be the great deal it seemed at the start. Another casino might also be offering a one hundred percent bonus, but its wagering requirements might be lower, and so this is the one you will probably prefer to use. The choice is yours, of course, but having the facts will help you to make that decision. 

What Are The Best Bonuses?

The best bonuses for online slots are the ones that offer a welcome bonus per game, rather than simply for signing up on the site (although if you can trigger both that’s even better). If you can get a bonus for every game you play (checking out the wagering requirements, of course) then you can potentially extend your gameplay for hours, really making the most of the ‘free money’ you are being given. 

Plus, this means you don’t have to stick to just one slot – you can play lots of them and that means you can find the one that you enjoy the most. This won’t necessarily make any difference to the bonuses you can get, but it will help you know which games you will like best in the future, and save you time when it comes to choosing. 

Bonus Tricks

Online casinos are pretty savvy, so you can’t really cheat them out of much at all (and you shouldn’t try – cheating them cheats yourself in the end). However, there are some tips and tricks that will help you really get the most out of any bonuses on offer. 

One way to get more is to sign up for a VIP scheme. These schemes are much more fun than standard gameplay since if you are a VIP member of an online casino you will get more rewards from the slots, and other casino games. Your chances of winning won’t be higher since slots work on an RNG (random number generator) system, but when you win, you’ll win more if you’re a VIP.