A Guide to the Best Christmas Gifts for Kids by Age


Christmas is a cheerful and jolly time of year. The holiday season also presents the opportunity to shower the people you love with gifts and the perfect present. As a parent, there can be a lot of pressure on your shoulders to give your kiddos the perfect Christmas with great gifts they’ll absolutely love. Some years, it may just feel like you need a little extra assistance from Santa’s elves. While they may be a little busy building toys for the entire world, we have a perfect list of gift ideas for your kids this holiday season.

When you’re shopping for a variety of individuals, you want to make sure you get the best gifts for all ages. Your toddlers are going to enjoy something much different than your teenagers. As your kids grow up, their interests and hobbies change over time. They may be interested in different creations and crafts or they’re looking for technology and entertainment items to keep up with the big kids. Learn about their creative projects when you ask a lot of questions and explore a select option based on their personal information. This can open a new array of products and items that they’ll love for this year’s Christmas present. Here’s our list of suggestions and ideas based on your child’s age.


Because they can be the hardest to buy for at times, let’s start with gifts for your teenage children. So many teens today love to be online and see gaming as a great way to connect with friends and practice social skills in creative ways. If you have a teen who loves being on the computer, get them better tools. A good gaming keyboard can go a long way to help relieve stress or even motivate them to become a builder of computers. These durable tech options come in a variety of styles and sizes. Get to know the games that they play and see what the pros are using at home. The best keyboard options help your gamers switch, process keycaps, and setup the best gaming experience. This type of gift will show them you’re investing in their interests with the nicest products on the market for gaming.


Pre-teens are in that tricky age where they are still a kid, but they’re starting to get particular about things. For your kids ages 10 to 13, try to find gifts that make them feel adult and important. Active items like a scooter or roller blades are still great to give this age group some independence. They’ll also love items that show their maturity like new earphones or a fun polaroid camera.

Elementary Schoolers

When your kids are in elementary school, it’s time to encourage their creativity and imagination. Games and toys that help with their fine motor skills and creative thinking will be great options for you. Look for play kits where they can make custom products or games that they can play with the family for their social skills.


For your toddlers, invest in gifts that celebrate your child’s creativity and begin to teach basic skills like language and math concepts. Something like magnetic blocks or long planks can help them learn to build things and use their hands in creative ways. With magnetic building blocks and tiles, they’ll be able to work on their gross motor skills and start to learn shapes. Help them understand triangles, squares, cubes, tiles, and more when they get to that select option in their magnetic building tiles. Creative projects like this go a long way for your child’s development.


Even though your infants can’t play with too much, you can still start setting up the home playroom. Get colorful toys that make engaging sounds or plush toys they can enjoy. Sometimes better pacifiers and other clothes for your newborn will be a gift to you as well.

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