A Guide to The Suite Life of Zack and Cody


The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is one of the best Disney series ever made. The show became popular with kids since its premiere in March 2005 – and was originally called The Suite Life until it was retitled in January 2005. But even before, different praises were received by the show – and kids who enjoyed watching the show always have a joyful memory of Zack and Cody. One thing is for sure that this show is full of fun and laughter that kids love. 

The story of the show is about two brothers, Zack and Cody – living the Suite Life. Zack and Cody are identical twins that look pretty much the same. The show is often based on the hotel where Zack and Cody live – the Tipton Hotel. Tipton Hotel is a parody of the Hilton Hotel – it’s like a condo that has rooms called Suites. Living with Zack and Cody is their mother, Carey – who works at the hotel lounge as a singer and performer. Working at the hotel gives them the privilege to live at the upper floor suite. 

The everyday life in the Tipton Hotel is not always the typical day when Zack and Cody are around. When their mother is at work, Zack and Cody make the hotel their oversized playground – and causing chaos in the hotel. Despite all the stress these boys bring in the hotel, they still managed to make friends with the people in the hotel – except for the hotel manager. Mr. Moseby is the hotel manager, and he makes sure that everything in the hotel is in order. That’s why he’s doing his best to get rid of Zack and Cody.

However, the twins still make a way to continue with their scheme, which, most of the time, puts them in a lot of trouble. That’s when their baby sitter would come to help. Maddie is the candy-counter girl at the hotel and is sometimes the twins’ babysitter. She is considered to be the most mature character in the show – and has a soft heart towards the twins. That’s why she always helps the twins whenever they got caught in a difficult situation.

Maddie is friends with the daughter of the Tipton Hotel owner – London. Unlike Maddie, London is not that much of a smart person, and she is wealthy. Despite these differences, Maddie and London are good friends – and they are close in some way with the twins.

The show was a huge success, and it was aired for three years – a total of eighty-seven episodes and three seasons.

The success of the show earned them several nominations and awards. The TV series was nominated for a total of twenty-four times and won six Awards throughout its three years.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Characters

Cody Martin (Cole Sprouse)

Cody is a mature, calm, and smart twin. Most of the time, he is hesitant with his brother’s schemes. Eventually, he goes with it anyway. Even at school, Cody shows superiority because of his straight A’s. Because of his mature character, he often makes ideas to help Zack – and himself – out of trouble. 

Zack Martin (Dylan Sprouse)

The opposite of Cody is his twin brother, Zack. The immature twin who is the cause of the trouble most of the time. He is fun, outgoing, and brings liveliness to the show. Unlike Cody, he is a straight D student at school.

London Tipton (Brenda Song)

The rich daughter of the Tipton Hotel owner. London could be classified as a teen girl who is living the dream. She has the wealth to buy expensive clothes – and brags them. London’s character shows that she is not a very smart person, unlike her enemy-friend, Maddie. Still, London shows some warm heart in the series, and she’s not very difficult to get along.

Maddie Fitzpatrick (Ashley Tisdale)

The friend of London who is very smart, matured, and comes from a lower-class family. Maddie works at the hotel as a candy-counter girl, and sometimes as the babysitter of Zack and Cody. She is pretty close to the twins and often helps them getaway when the situation gets tough. 

Mr. Marion Moseby (Phil Lewis)

Mr. Moseby is the manager at Tipton Hotel. He is seen as a strict and uptight person who makes sure that everything is in shape. As the hotel manager, he gets frustrated at the twins – because of the stress they bring in the hotel.

Carey Martin (Kim Rhodes)

Carey is the mother of Zack and Codey. She is a single mother working at the hotel lounge as a singer and performer. Before, she travels to different cities – until she ended up landing a job at the Tipton Hotel. 

Interesting Facts

  • Tipton Hotel is a parody of the well-known Hilton Hotel, and London Tipton is believed to portray the real-life actress, Paris Hilton.
  • Hannah Montana, played by Miley Cyrus, appeared as herself in a crossover episode called The Suite Life of Hannah Montana.
  • Besides Miley Cyrus, there are many more notable guest appearances in the TV series – one of them is Zac Efron, who appeared as Trevor. Zac Efron is also a famous Disney teen actor at that time, who co-starred with Ashley Tisdale in the hit musical movie trilogy – High School Musical
  • The creators of the show initially wanted to use the original names of the twins in the show. This was later changed, thus using Zack and Cody.
  • Ashley Tisdale – who plays Maddie – is originally brunette, but she started dying her hair blonde because of the show.
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