A List of Contractors You’ll Need When Building Your Dream Home


Building your own home is something that you’ve always wanted while you’re excited you’re starting to see the frustration that comes with taking this project on yourself. Many people who are building their own home can use more than 20 contractors in order to complete all the necessary projects. You might be wondering what kinds of contractors you’ll need when you’re building your dream home. 

Heating and ventilation 

HVAC units are important for maintaining heat and ventilation throughout your home. However, if vents aren’t installed in key areas you might be faced with higher energy costs to heat your house. Having specialized advice can prevent this sort of outcome from happening. Ventilation can be quite complicated, and if you have any issues in the future, it can be difficult to narrow down the source of the cause. If anyone has worked on your unit in the past, they’re going to know exactly where the ventilation is and how to handle it. 


Proper roofing helps to maintain the longevity of your entire home, they’re also going to be able to install the roof of your choice efficiently and effectively. A well-done roof protects against any future instances of water damage, and by using a private service you’re going to be insured against any injuries that may happen on-site. The California-based roofing professionals of https://oceansevenroofing.com/ suggest that you use spray foam insulation in order to conserve energy costs. Increasing insulation in the roof may actually reduce your energy consumption by half. 

Most roofing companies should come equipped with a warranty to back their product, which means you won’t have more added expenses to making sure everything is good. All professional contractors in California need to pass the CSLB test in their area of work, and that means you’re working with someone who’s competent in their profession.


As with ventilation, plumbing can be a complex setup, and having anyone with prior experience in your home can help to deduce causes for plumbing issues. If you have that dream bathroom idea, plumbers will be able to work with you to make it a reality. Setting up your own plumbing can require expensive tools, and you need to ensure plumbing technology is done properly to safeguard your home from future damage. 

If plumbing is set up incorrectly there may be instances of water damage. Water is probably the biggest enemy of houses, and you don’t want to see all of your hard work undone because of a small mistake. Most plumbers will have insurance regarding their work, and this will protect you from paying out of pocket.  



Pouring concrete is pretty much an art form, and ensuring that it stays level and it poured consistently can be tedious. It’s important to ensure that these things are done properly for structural integrity. It’s also important to have services adjusted to meet a custom home-builder’s needs. You want to make sure that the quality of the concrete is guaranteed and that your expectations are met without any hindrance. They’ll make sure that the concrete is cured properly and they can even come up with custom plans if you ask them to.


Unless you’re a certified electrician yourself, you’re going to need to get a licensed electrician working on your home. Even if you are confident in your own abilities, it can be good to have the insurance that comes with a private contractor. If you have any concepts on lighting that you want to get creative with they can make your vision work in a practical way. There may also be regular changes in the electrical code that a professional electrician is going to be aware of. Depending on where you live, you may actually be required by law to ensure that a licensed electrician is completing the work. There are exemptions in cases where you have completed the work yourself. 


Doing flooring properly is important to increase the longevity of the flooring. Cutting the flooring might need to be done in order to fit rooms in your house. If there is tile or hardwood to be cut, you may need to invest in expensive tools yourself, or use a flooring contractor. If you’re not experienced with these tools or flooring, you don’t want to compromise the quality of the work. Having to redo your floors in 5 years after building your home is probably not an attractive idea for most people. 

If you’re looking to keep your costs down to a minimum, you can always hire contractors when needed as you go along. This leaves you room to complete the jobs you know you can handle on your own, or that you have tools on hand for. There are benefits that come with hiring a contractor such as having insurance, and warranty. 

When you complete a project yourself, you’re going to be responsible to fix it if anything happens later on. There are many more kinds of contractors that you might look into using than those offered on this list, but these are some of the most important contractors you’ll need when you’re building your dream home.

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