A List of the Best Road Trip Cars for Any Adventure


Going on a road trip and traveling a lot in the car can get tiring. You should stay comfy on the road, however, by driving one of these great road trip cars.

Who needs busy airport lines and stingy airplane meals? Not us!

We’re major fans of the all-American road trip. Sometimes, the best trips are the ones loaded down with coolers in the trunk, tunes on the playlist, and a loved one riding shotgun.

There’s only one real requirement: a stable set of wheels good-quality bearings to take you across the American plains.

Together, let’s take a look at the best road trip cars to keep all your loved ones comfortable and happy.

Subaru Crosstrek

If we’re going to talk dependability and reliability, we have to start with a Subaru. Although it’s almost the size of a station wagon, this baby delicately sips gasoline at a rate of 33 mpg (highway).

Given its size, the Crosstrek is perfect for a family of four or a happy couple looking to travel in a car stocked with creature comforts.

Safety will be your co-pilot with Subaru’s standard all-wheel-drive and, in this case, a solid 9 inches of ground clearance for any of your off-roading dreams.

Honda HR-V

Honda’s been killing it recently with fuel efficiency. It’s hard to beat their Fit without going into an electric car. But, they’ve gone ahead and extended their fuel efficiency into the HR-V with some genius interior design.

They have what’s called the “Magic Seat” in their interior layout that allows passengers to choose from five different modes:

  • normal
  • split
  • tall
  • utility
  • lounge

With these features, you can seat a small family, luggage, bikes, camping gear, surfboards, and anything else under the sun. It’s a crossover that’s comfortable, smart, and easy on the gas budget.

Toyota Prius

Speaking of electric, we can’t go much further without throwing in one of these options. The Prius will continue to be unrivaled as a top-selling electric car for many years to come.

In the 2019 model, we’re talking nearly 58 mpg (highway). That’s something like 600 miles total range. Can you imagine a road trip where you don’t have to stop to fill the tank for well over 500 miles?

Ford Mustang

If fuel efficiency isn’t on the top of your list, then we need to talk about an American classic. Imagine the purr of a V8 engine as you cruise on down the highway.

Just don’t go rev those RPMs up too high. Otherwise, instead of picking up your bestie, you might be looking for a car accident attorney to represent you in court.

With their sixth-generation model, Ford made some serious upgrades to their interior. Now, it features a digital instrument cluster to keep an eye on your trip and your tunes. Go for the convertible, and feel that American air comb through your hair.

Best Road Trip Cars for You

If you’re looking for the best road trip cars, we’ve got you covered. Here at Mental Itch, we satisfy your need to know. We love to talk music, the arts, travel, entertainment, and more.

Come check out our in-depth guide to classic rock for all your road trippin’ dreams!

And, when you’re done, we’ll hook you up with some great travel guides, including a wine tour of Texas Hill Country. Until we meet again, happy travels!

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