A Look At The Increases In Crime In New York


Although New York still remains one of the safest states to live in within the United States, there is undoubtedly a rise in the number of crimes. There seems to be little idea of why these violent crimes have started to increase over the recent years. Although there does seem to be speculation on why these crime waves have increased, they have little supporting facts.

Violent crimes, the facts

In recent years there has been a distinct rise in the number of violent crimes within the state of New York. These violent crimes include murder, rape, robbery, and felony assault, but this is not a fully inclusive list; there are others as well. Although it is a far cry from the dark times of the 1990s, when there were reported to be 2,000 murders in one year, it is still making those that live within the state nervous and those that have enjoyed the luxury of being able to work remotely over the last couple of years less than eggar to venture back into the premises of their New York employers.

Knowing the laws

It is, therefore, highly advisable to carry the contact details of an experienced attorney who has a knowledge of New York’s Homicide Laws, among other Laws, should you, a loved one, a friend, or a colleague suffer one of these violent crimes. Having an insight into the procedures and terminology could help you understand and come to terms with what is happening around you while your mind is still very much in shock and trying to find a reason for what has happened to that certain person within your life.

Whether you have suffered one of these harrowing crimes, witnessed it, or have someone close to you that has gone through it, you will find that it is not just in the initial act that the incident takes place, but it carries on for a long time after. This is when it will be beneficial to get extra help, whether it is from your medical practitioner, a physiatrist, or another professional that can help you. The important thing is that you should not be ashamed or scared of asking for help.

What you should do if you have witnessed a violent crime

If you have witnessed a violent crime, it is important that you get yourself to safety before phoning the NYPD. Putting yourself in danger will not help the other person; it could end with you having a violent act done to you. However, in saying this, you can get into trouble for not reporting a crime. Regardless of why you chose not to get involved, you could still end up getting prosecuted for your lack of action.

However, if you are first on the scene after a violent crime has been committed, you have the responsibility of phoning the NYPD and reporting it, and asking for an ambulance to be dispatched for the victim.


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