A New Tool for Keeping Calm and Avoiding Tilt


It’s a familiar feeling: you’re in the driver’s seat, totally in control. Maybe you’re leading the charge in a MOBA; maybe you’re the one being charged at. Suddenly, you freeze up. It’s like you’ve forgotten what to do, how to play. Keeping your cool? Not happening. The decision you wind up making is seconds later than it should have been, and it was the absolute wrong decision. You’re full-on angry and it’s affecting your gameplay. The snowball effect of tilted play begins. How did it happen? And what can you do about it?


The good news is, science is awesome, and we are discovering new things about stress, anxiety, and focus all the time. A neuroscience and wellness company called eSmartr has innovated a gaming arm sleeve that is designed to be a natural alternative to drugs or other invasive devices gamers and students often turn to to sharpen their focus. Recognized as The Official Sleeve of eSports™ in North America, eSmartr has adapted existing touch- and pain-based sciences, with a focus on improving cognition and mental performance.

But what do arm sleeves have to do with keeping your cool?

The company’s compression sleeves are embedded with a proprietary pattern that, when pressed against your skin, activates touch receptors in the forearm. When that specific sequence of touch receptors is activated, they send complex neurological signals to the brain.

The brain decodes those signals and responds by lowering stress and increasing focus.

Lowering your stress levels may sound like a small thing, but it has cascading effects: improved confidence, quicker reaction time, improved memory, greater clarity. Basically, everything performs better when it’s not under stress.

Of course, you’re not going to put the sleeve on and immediately jump up 1,000 points in your league. The trick is that the smart compression sleeve is helping your brain ease its own stress levels and making it easier for you to improve over time. So you’re still competing well within your own capabilities – just with less holding you back. In any game, tilt is killer, and this is a cool new way to push back against it for a more organic, rewarding, and enjoyable gaming experience. A little extra focus can go a long way.

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