A Parent’s Guide to Online Shopping Using Gift Cards and Bitcoin

How our parents paid for shopping 10 years ago is different from how we do it now. Thanks to technology, how we process payments has significantly changed, thanks to cryptocurrencies. Therefore, this simple guide helps parents pay for shopping online using cryptocurrency. The guide shows how and where to buy cryptocurrencies and how to purchase goods and services online.

Types of Cryptocurrencies

Before we go deep into the transactions, let us understand what cryptocurrency is and the types available in the market. They are digital currencies that allow the exchange of goods and services. The main difference between them and the other form of currency is regulation. Digital currencies do not have a centralized system to evaluate their performance. They rely on market forces to determine their value, supply and control.

Bitcoin is the most popular, and by far, the most valuable digital coin. There are other cryptocurrencies in the market, each with its valuation and demand. If you want to buy Bitcoin, sign up to a credible crypto-market and purchase from any trader on the platform. Afterward, load them into a wallet which you can use to make purchases.

How Online Purchases Work

Blockchain technology, which hosts most digital coins, secures any transaction on its platform. It resembles how the credit/debit card system work, only that it has special crypto-wallets. You link the crypto-wallet to the store’s payment system and transfer the digital funds into the seller’s account. However, with the increase in cybercrime and coin mining, people have slowed down on this form of purchase.

Most online merchants prefer the gift card, which is safer and easier to use. You can buy Walmart gift cards with Bitcoin and use them to purchase anything in their store. Walmart accepts cryptocurrency as a form of payment using the gift card system, which makes online shopping for parents much simpler. However, customers must buy gift cards from accredited online crypto markets.

Factors to Look Out for When Purchasing Goods Online Using Cryptocurrency

Assimilation as a Method of Payment

Digital currency is an improvement of financial technology. When financial technology first came up, most businesses brushed it aside, claiming that it had no tangible basis. As blockchain technology positions itself as a significant player in the financial sector, more businesses are signing up. More digital currencies are coming up, each with their proposition, valuation and growth prospects.

However, not all online shops accept Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange. Customers should confirm if the organization accepts their digital currency and how best to use them. The majority prefer customers to buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies since there is less exchange of funds across platforms.

Transaction Fees

Numerous transactions take place before one can purchase any goods online using digital currency. The transaction fees used to exchange dollars into crypto and the processing fees for the wallet-to-wallet transaction must be clear. Select a crypto wallet that charges the least transaction fees to get value for money.

Some businesses give incentives to customers who pay for their goods with cryptocurrency. Value the proposition to see if it makes economic sense. Crypto-dealers might lower the transaction cost to compete effectively with the traditional payment systems. Until then, buyers should watch out for the cost of purchasing goods online using cryptocurrency.

Exchange Rate

Cryptocurrency has a non-interference policy where trading volumes determine the cost of an exchange. If you want to buy digital currency, the prevailing market prices influence how many digital coins you will get for your dollar. Consider researching the market prevalence and purchase when the price is low. As they mature, they increase in value, giving you more utility.

The cost of transactions may affect the volume of goods purchased. As many digital currencies come up, there is competition. The more they are, the lower the operating fees. Apart from the top 2, other digital coins include Dogecoin, Litecoin, Binance Coin, and Cardano.

Medium of Exchange

There are very many online crypto markets in the United States. Coinbase, Cash App, Bisq and Binance US are some of the most popular crypto-exchange sites in the United States. Customers can buy cryptocurrencies from any of them, depending on their exchange rate. To get the best exchange rate, consider the crypto-valuation from each online market before purchasing. The real value comes when buying gift cards for online shopping.


Most of our parents are still stuck in the old transaction procedures where they used credit cards and cash to pay for goods and services. However, this guide shares some insights on what they should consider when buying goods online using digital currencies. The main aim is online security, easy purchasing procedures and the various digital currencies on offer.