A quick guide to starting an online jewellery business


Are you ready to realise your creative ambitions and set up an online jewellery business? If so, you’re not alone. The number of new companies registered in the second half of 2020 rocketed as more and more people sought fresh opportunities amid the pandemic.

As well as it being a rewarding way to keep busy, jewellery making is an idea that doesn’t require too much skill or investment to get started with. Running any business brings its challenges however, so read our quick five-step guide to setting up below.

Define your product

The first thing is to work out what kind of jewellery you plan to make based on where your interests, skills and research fall.

Fine jewellery for special occasions comes with a higher price point and more demanding production requirements than fashion or costume jewellery or lotus jewelry for example. These top-level decisions will also help you define your brand which, if strong enough, will help you connect with new customers.

Create or find a workspace

Next up is where and how you plan to make your jewellery. You could do it at home or in a local workshop, for example, or even outsource it to a factory.

If your answer is either of the former, you’ll need to kit yourself out with the right equipment for your product. Your shopping list could include blow torches, laser cutters and 3D printers – or just basic hand tools.

Set out a business plan

Whether you’re going it alone or setting up with a partner, it will be a helpful exercise to define some form of business plan. Within this you may want to detail your target audience, costs and goals, among other factors such as how you plan to grow.

Conducting market research on your target market and competitors will help to inform your strategy.

Build your online presence

You can’t run a successful online business without a well-optimised website. Thankfully there are several providers offering easy-to-use templates to help you get set up in no time.

As well as carrying your brand, your website will need helpful information around payment, delivery and customer support. You can then bolster your online presence with eye-catching social media profiles and authentic reviews. Using graceful jewelry photos is highly recommended when selling online, as it will give your brand a decent boost in authority.

Advertise to attract customers

No matter how attractive your jewellery is, you’re likely to need to advertise to attract customers. You can use various digital channels, including social media and search engines, to get your brand out there for a relatively low cost.

There are opportunities offline too though, like attending local craft fairs and leaving flyers in local cafes, retailers and community hubs.

Could jewellery making be a viable venture for you?

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