A Recycling Solution: Car Wreckers

Car wrecking is a business where wrecked, broken, and decommissioned cars are dismantled. The car wrecking team will find any re-usable components of the car and sell it. If you too wish to make use of this service, then you can find it at cash for cars Perth.

Unusable metal parts of the car such as the wrecked chassis, bumper, and internal components are sold to metal companies who then recycle them. With this effective method, car wreckers allow every part of a car to be disposed of responsibly.

5 Thing You Must Do Before Going to A Car Wrecker

1. Empty the Fuel Tank

It is essential for you to empty the fuel tank before sending your car to a car wrecker; this ensures that the car wreck does not catch fire during the car wrecking process. You can empty your tank by driving your car around, if it is still in running condition, or you can ask an expert to remove the fuel from your car. Never attempt to remove the car fuel on your own as it is hazardous.

2. Remove the License Plate and Give Them to A Transport Department

This step is essential so that you are protected. Selling your car to a car wrecker is not the same as selling it to a car dealership. In order to avoid liabilities that would be associated with your license plate, it is best to remove them and return them to a transport department within your city.

3. Call People to See If They Want to Purchase

This step is not important, but it is a good effort as a car wrecker will not give you the best price possible for your used car. It is also best for you to talk to at least two car wrecking places before selling it to one of them as the demand for good car parts is high.

4. Check the Car Wrecker Papers Before Signing Them

Once you have removed your license plate and returned it to the transport department, you will have to sign some paperwork with the car wrecker. Ensure that the necessary papers are being handled properly, and the right documents are being used to transfer the car ownership.

5. Try to Sell Your Car Parts Separately

You can make more money if you take individual parts of your car and sell them separately. However, not every car wrecker will take your car if some parts are missing. If a car wrecker is willing to buy your car with missing parts, then the price that they offer will be significantly lower than what you would have expected. But you will get a lot more money if you sell your sound system and expensive rims separately.


Car wrecking businesses have a large contribution to the car making industry. It is hard to work with car parts that become rusty, so having them wrecked before they reach that point can help companies speed up production and reduce the chemical waste that would have been created to remove the rust.