A Reliable Water Pump Controller Has a Big Say in Saving Energy and Money

The popularity of water pump controllers is rising amid the increasing demand for intelligent pumping technologies that can make the water distribution process faster, cheaper, and safer. Many industrialists and residential water distribution systems rely on a water pump controller due to the variety of benefits these devices provide. The water pumping controller is critical for the efficient working of the whole unit, not to mention that they also save you energy and maintenance costs to a significant extent.

What Is A Water Pump Controller, and How Does It Work?

The water pump controller is an intelligent device that works on the feedback control system. These controllers are installed to ensure the constant pressure so that the pressure drop within the line can be made minimal. Once this device is installed on any pump, that pump becomes the constant pressure pump. These controllers achieve the constant voltage function by controlling the motor speed and switching.

Why Can It Save Energy and Money?

Adjust the Power Input

When your pump consumes more power than required, these water pump controllers adjust the input power. If these controllers are not installed, the pump will continue working in the erroneous condition. However, these controllers help you in saving electricity till you maintain your pump to consume the right amount of electricity.

Lower the Maintenance Cost

If you do not install a water pump controller, your pump will continue to operate even when there is no water at the inlet. This error in the pumping operation is known as a dry run error, which is one of the most undesirable conditions in any pump.

Pumps are huge investments, and dry runs result in the damage of important pump elements, including impellers, gears, lobes, etc. But the water pump controller avoids dry run situations by turning the pumps on and off based on the inlet fluid. This saves the pumps from getting damaged, which eventually reduces your maintenance cost significantly.

Helping Monitors Fix Problems on Time

A water pump controller is an all-inclusive device that can see the abnormalities in pump operations. Whether the water inlet is running dry or the pump is unable to maintain a specific pressure despite having the necessary input, the pump controllers will detect the problem and communicate it to the operators.

What Makes A Good Water Pump Controller

What Makes A Good Water Pump Controller

Before choosing the right automatic pressure pump controller, you must consider the following two aspects which make any controller stand out from the crowd.

High Quality

It should be out of the question to compromise on the quality of the water pump controller since this is not a recurring investment. There are a variety of factors that determine the quality of the water pump controllers. Some of these factors include the number of input and output signals to and by the controller and the speed with which these signals are being communicated.

High Performance

High-performance water control pumps should be given the first priority by anyone who is looking to use these systems. If you are not considering the performance of the controllers, they can backfire, which can even cost you expensive pumps. If the controllers are not communicating the required signals on time or ignoring some important measurements, it will result in the loss of crucial machinery.

Bedford’s New Arrival W713B

Bedford introduces a highly efficient water pressure controller W713B which will improve the operation of any water distribution setup.

W713B is an important addition to the market since it helps you by:

  • Switching the pumps on and off, and more importantly, adjust the speed of motor based on the consumer’s water pressure;
  • Maintaining constant temperature, pressure, and differential pressure;
  • Performing anti-clogging constantly to clean the pipelines;
  • Controlling multiple pumps, maximum of 6, at the same time;
  • Allowing you to maintain operations at low temperature by providing a freeze-proofing facility.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping Up

Bedford believes in maintaining the quality of its products, which has made them highly popular among customers. They have an extremely professional technical team that incorporates all the modern-day technologies to manufacture highly sophisticated water distribution equipment. With 24/7 customer service available, it is easy to contact them in case your unit runs into a technical difficulty.