A Review on the Steps and Benefits of the BK8 Affiliate Program

In recent years, there have been a hundred different affiliate programs that popped up online, although only a few of those programs are considered the best when it comes to benefits and reliability. One of these affiliate programs is BK8 Affiliate, which is the affiliate program of the BK8 online casino.

In case you don’t know, BK8 is one of the largest gaming sites on the web, and its rise in the rankings has been quite fast since the website was only founded in 2015. BK8 is very well-known in the Asian market, particularly in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand, although the digital gambling platform has a global market that is growing in popularity.

Moreover, BK8 has also become the official Asian betting sponsor for a few football clubs, including Crystal Palace FC, Burnley FC, and Huddersfield Town AFC. BK8 has also been involved in charity, as it has recently partnered with Burnley FC to provide support for the football club’s charity, Burnley FC in the Community.

Becoming a member of the BK8 affiliate program has numerous benefits, and in this article, we will explore those advantages and see if it is truly worth it for people to sign up as an affiliate for the website. Here is a review of the benefits and perks of becoming a BK8 affiliate partner.

How Do You Become a BK8 Affiliate?

Becoming a BK8 affiliate is very easy, as you just have to follow four simple and easy steps for membership. Here are the steps that you need to do in order to become an affiliate partner for BK8.

  • Sign up for an account by providing pieces of your personal information. Make sure that the information you provide for the company is legitimate and accurate.
  • Wait for approval by the admins of the BK8 affiliate program. A key account manager will contact you through your preferred messaging platform within three working days.
  • Start promoting the BK8 online casino or website to other people. One of the best ways to promote BK8 is by having a website and adding links to various posts to BK8 webpages.
  • Receive payments from promoting the BK8 website and digital casino platform.

By reading these steps, you will already see how simple it is to become an affiliate for BK8, although you will need to make sure to promote the website well if you want to get bigger commissions or bonuses. If your website is targeting countries in Asia like Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam, promoting BK8 would be much easier since the BK8 online casino is popular there. You can check out the informative site of the BK8 affiliate program to learn more about the steps and processes that members should follow to promote BK8 within the affiliate program.

How Can You Promote the BK8 Website?

promoting another business as an affiliate

There are many ways for you to promote the BK8 website. As we have stated previously, a great way to promote BK8 properly is to have a website where you can put affiliate links to various posts. However, BK8 also offers affiliate plans and marketing tools for people that plan to promote the online casino or website offline.

If you own multiple websites, you really don’t need to register all of those websites in separate accounts, as you can already use them in just one account. By having more websites, you will have a better chance of promoting the BK8 online casino to more people since you will get more page views based on how many websites you have.

What are the Advantages of Being a BK8 Affiliate?

promoting online with websites and SEO

In terms of being a BK8 affiliate, there are certain benefits that you can get for simply being a member compared to other affiliate programs. To know more, here is a list of advantages of being a BK8 affiliate.

Earn 40% Commission on Your Share of Revenue

What’s great about becoming a BK8 affiliate is you would be able to get a 40% commission on your share of the revenue. There are intricacies to how much you will be paid exactly, and these complex processes are found on their website, but you basically earn much more from being a BK8 affiliate compared to other affiliate programs. You will also have the chance to get an extra 10% commission if you have successfully referred friends or members of the family to the BK8 Affiliates program.

Monthly Payments

If your promotion of the BK8 online casino is going well, you will receive monthly payments for your efforts. There are some affiliates that are quite unpredictable when it comes to payments, and sometimes, it would take a few months before you can receive anything. But in the BK8 Affiliates program, you will be able to receive payments monthly as long as you are still a member and continue to do your duties as an affiliate. Payouts for payments can be quite quick in the BK8 Affiliates program, and there is little to no chance that the payments will get delayed.

Zero Risks and Zero Capital

Another great thing about becoming a BK8 affiliate is that it is a zero-risk and zero-capital endeavor. The reason why the BK8 affiliate program is a zero capital platform is that you don’t really have to pay for anything to become an affiliate, as all you really need to do is to sign-up for an account and promote the BK8 online casino to get paid. In addition, it is also zero risk since you didn’t really invest money in the affiliate program, so when the time comes that you have to leave the affiliate program, you don’t lose anything.

Get Full Support by the Affiliate Manager

If you have concerns or issues about the BK8 affiliate program, you can always contact the company’s affiliate manager so that you will be able to have answers to specific questions or solutions to problems that may occur when you are an affiliate. As an affiliate, you will always have the full support of the affiliate manager, who will often guide you in specific aspects of the affiliate program that you don’t understand fully or need help on. So, if you are stuck in certain procedures or processes as an affiliate, you should contact BK8’s affiliate manager for help or guidance.

These are just the numerous details that you should know about the BK8 affiliate program, particularly in the process of becoming a BK8 affiliate and the benefits of actually becoming a member of the program. Check out the BK8 affiliate website if you want to register for the program and learn more about its features and perks.