A Short Guide to Casino Table Games

Casino games are mainly available in two main categories – slot machines (video slots) and table
games. As you might have guessed, table games are hosted on a special table designed to allow
the players to enjoy the game while promoting fairness. These types of games come in different
types, played with chips and cards. Nonetheless, some like craps and roulette don’t require cards
to play.

Thanks to advancement in technology, you can play casino table games from anywhere. Check
out casino professor to learn how to find the top online casinos in New Zealand if you’re still
new to this kind of gaming experience. This article will act as a short guide to the most popular
casino table games to help you understand what each game entails.


Poker is a rare casino game where the player needs both skill and luck to win. That’s why
professional poker tournaments such as the WSOP are so popular and only involve the top
players in the world. The main aim in the game is to create the best possible hand, with the cards
arranged according to the poker-type you are playing.
With different variations, poker players can try a great selection of games such as Caribbean
Stud, Pai Gow, Texas Hold’Em, Hose and Three Card Poker. Each variation has its unique set of
rules, and they are all quite fun to play.


A roulette game involves a rotating when and a dealer spinning the ball on it. On the other hand,
the players bet on the numbered pocket where the ball will stand. These pockets are marked with
numbers between 1 and 36, with half of them colored black, while the others are red. The game
also has a green pocket marked zero, or two zeros if you are playing the American version.
In a roulette game, a player can take several bets, ranging from straight up (exact numbers) to
high or low, red or black, split, corner, street, low (1-18), high (19-36), dozens, line, columns and
other complex call bets.


This card game involves players competing against the dealer rather than battling it out against
each other. It’s suitable as a single-player table game, and also with multiple players, with the
main aim being to get close to 21 without exceeding it. Thankfully, you only need to get a better
value than the dealer to win.


Similar to blackjack, baccarat only needs two individuals, the dealer, and the player. The rules
are quite simple, as the main goal is to get a number close to nine. But unlike blackjack, where
you only need your hand to win, you can also bet on the dealer’s hand or both to tie. The game
takes number 2-9 at their face value while those above nine counts as zero.


The goal of craps is to get a specific number using two dice. The player (shooter) throws the dice
on the table and wins if he rolls 7 or 11, also known as a natural. However, you’ll lose if the
numbers you roll add up to 12, 3 or 2. The player won’t lose if he gets any combination with
numbers between 4-10 but he’ll need to roll the dice again and hit the same number to win.
Hitting a seven in the second roll also translates to a loss.