A Variety of Microsoft Hyper-V Products: Which One Should You Choose?


Microsoft Hyper-V is an excellent tool for your business success. However, it’s not enough to have and run it in your organization. It’s also necessary to have the right accompanying Hyper-V backup products to optimize your user experience. For instance, you require monitoring products for your virtual machine performance. This post discusses the five leading products for your network. Keep on reading to choose the right one for your needs.

OpsView Monitor

If you need a tool to monitor your on-premise resources, cloud-based ones, and those in a virtual environment, this product is ideal. OpsView Monitor can support over 3,500 plugins that track resources. Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with Hyper-V and other apps. For example, its Microsoft Hyper-V Agentless Opspack is beneficial for tracking various metrics in your host and virtual PCs. It can update you on a variety of sophisticated metrics, such as virtual computer guest status.


This solution is ideal for tracking app operations and cloud ecosystems. The system can support over 130 services for various apps such as Hyper-V and AWS. Also, the application monitors your system’s performance from the virtualization platform to application levels. You can optimize it to track different performance challenges affecting your network. Dynatrace is beneficial for tracking disk latency and sending you timely notifications. Lastly, it tracks critical storage metrics affecting your system’s reading and writing.

PRTG Network Monitor

If you seek a solution for tracking your virtual machines, you’ve got an answer in this one. PRTG Network Monitor can track all the various metrics, such as virtual memory, traffic, and CPU load. Moreover, it has various sensors you can utilize, such as storage, virtual machine sensor, host sensor, and server sensor. Its virtual machine sensor tracks consumption and your machines’ writing or reading values, while the PRTG host sensor is ideal for monitoring consumption, traffic, and your system’s vibrancy. The app comes with a free trial version and various premium versions.

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager 

This tool tracks infrastructures and aids in tracking your storage I/O delivery. Its tracking capability lets you deal with various challenges related to managing Hyper-V ecosystems. Moreover, you can optimize the SolarWinds Virtualization Manager control panel fully, checking ongoing notifications and warnings to remain abreast of the latest occurrences in your infrastructure’s execution. The app notifies you when your CPU consumption is excessibr to let you take charge of your system. It also features a virtual PC console that lets you monitor every essential metric, such as memory.


Lastly, we look at LogicMonitor. It has built itself a good reputation among the leading Microsoft Hyper-V tracking tools available today. It assists in analyzing your ecosystem’s vibrancy and performance to remain on top of things. With its help, you can identify a variety of implementation challenges in your infrastructure and deal with them proactively.

The notification capabilities of LogicMonitor track any abnormal execution within your ecosystem. The alerts enable you to track and control your environment. For instance, it notifies you when your memory consumption is reaching an abnormal level.

If you want to try LogicMonitor in your virtual environment, you can go for any of its three options. The product’s creators offer starter, professional, and corporate editions. These versions differ in the amount of data they can retain for three to twenty-four months. LogicMonitor also has a free two-week trial period.

The market has many Hyper-V monitoring tools that you can use to enhance your Microsoft Hyper-V experience. Choose among the available ones to boost your Hyper-V use and maximize its value.

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