A Video Game Lifespan: From Inception to Today


The video gaming industry is more significant than ever before. It offers thousands of titles, and each year that number grows bigger. Thousands of game development companies and millions of players are looking for the next title.

A general division of games would be into:

  • Online Games
  • Offline Games

Online games can come in all shapes and sizes. Mobile, console, and PC games are the norm nowadays. But they can also be divided into groups based on gaming devices. Titles like Valorant and CS: GO focus on the first-person perspective, and titles like World of Warcraft offer a third-person perspective.

Then there are the platformer games that come with a 2D background. These can be racing, adventure, action, and even bingo games. Whether the games are online, offline, MMOs, or not they will need a starting and an ending point. Bingo players can pick from various such sites, find the list of no deposit bingo here, and even enjoy many kinds of bingo.

Each game has a beginning and an end, and so does its production process.

An Idea Is Born

Game developers take inspiration from a variety of places. Racing and sporting events are pretty much the reason behind the majority of racing and sporting games. Some let you control the players, while others allow you to fill the shoes of a manager. There isn’t much story in these games, but an idea has been born.

The creative process is much more visible in sci-fi, fantasy, and adventure games. This is where developers thrive, as they will need to create an entire world. It may resemble the modern world, but it is essentially a world of its own. Sci-fi titles will be set in far-flung planets and vast universes, while fantasy games will take you to a virtual world filled with many creatures. You’ve got a hero, a protagonist, and a story, so it’s time to execute the idea.

Executing the Idea

The game execution process begins by ironing out the details. If it’s an RPG title, it can take a couple of turns, and developers will need to know what happens in each one. The stage is set, and the narrative designers prepare the story and the directions it can take.

The artists take on a creative note and design the game’s world and its characters. Then the animators make them come to life by giving them things to do, emotions to express, and mechanizing the whole process. Once everything’s done and dusted, a game has been born out of an idea and grown into an aspiring title.

Advancing With the Ages

Games didn’t always look like they do today. It took them time to get better, and technology played a hand in this. Hardware couldn’t handle much those days, so the games looked clunky. The exact process was followed back in those days, but developers and designers had limited sources.

Still, they managed to produce amazing games. As technology advanced, so did the hardware; better hardware meant better software. Animation engines also improved, and games started getting better visually.

Crouching and jumping with a character didn’t make it look funny anymore. Grabbing a ledge, a weapon, or a hand started looking natural, and the realistic mechanics gave the game a certain depth. The story stayed the same, but the execution was better. Cinematics looked like movies; as games advanced, you could have your custom character appear in them.

As online games grew in popularity, they started covering various genres. RPGs and shooters are the most common today, but you’ll also find platformers and sites dedicated to casino games. Casino fans can get free casino bonus codes at BonusesOnline.com and other casino sites.

Besides, the online-offline split technology gave way to another kind of gamer – a mobile gamer. Older gamers might remember titles like Snake. Nowadays, they play many games on the mobile gaming market. Titles like Angry Birds made a case for mobile gaming, which is why this industry is one of the most popular today.

Still, technology remains a guiding hand in gaming. If it weren’t for tech advancements, people wouldn’t get the PC and the Internet and improve the gaming production process. Titles like Super Mario, Counter-Strike, The Witcher, Half-life, and others wouldn’t exist without it.


In conclusion, technology and gaming go hand in hand. Technology is needed during game production and has helped gaming get to where it is today. This relationship is nowhere near its end, which is why it will continue to thrive.

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