A Viola Buyer’s Guide for Beginners


Buying a suitable viola is not a walk in the park, especially for beginners. It is important to know that a viola instrument does not come in a standard size. Furthermore, even violas of the same size may produce different sounds because of other details such as strings and wood. Reading this simple guide will help you choose the perfect viola instrument.

Do Research

Looking for information is the first thing you need to do before purchasing a viola. Equip yourself with enough information that will help you choose the right instrument. You can ask your music teacher which viola they recommend. Your music teacher understands what you need more than anyone would.

They can give you a better recommendation from their experience and a close bond with you. Make sure you read the Viola buyer’s guide to get the information you need about the viola. They have informative content to help you make an informed decision, especially if you are an intermediate.

Look For Reliable Sellers                                                         

Once you have decided on which viola to purchase, choose a reliable supplier. Ensure the seller you choose guarantees the quality of their instruments, particularly if you are buying online. Read customer reviews to determine whether the supplier has quality products or not. Ask whether the seller has a money-back policy if the viola is not up to standard.

Look For Label

It is important to buy a viola that has a label on it. If the viola has no label, ask the seller where and when the viola was manufactured. Knowing where and when the viola was made will give a rough idea of the quality to expect.

Test Viola

It is critical to test your viola before buying it, especially if you are buying from a local shop. So, visit the shop and test your viola. Generally, there will be no large variety of violas to choose from compared to violins. Testing will help you know which brand works best for you.


The size of your viola affects the sound. In the early days, people had to take their heavy and bulky viola instruments to get quality sound. Luckily, nowadays, you do not have to go through all that trouble. There is a new generation of viola makers who have developed small violas producing perfect sounds.

When you talk about the size of a viola, you are referring to the length of its body. Moreover, the neck is not included. In general, most adults play 15.5-16.5 inch viola. Still, you should also consider the length of your arm and the height when buying a viola.

Also, consider the size between the strings and the fingerboards. Because when the strings are high, it becomes hard to push them down, and you cannot get a good sound. A height of 5-7 mm or below is ok, but do not buy anything above that.

Buying a perfect viola can be a daunting task, especially if you are a beginner and have limited knowledge. However, this guide will help you get the ideal viola.

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