Abandoned Russia – the strange city CHUKOTKA

One of the strangest places in Russia!

Going to the edge of Russia, I imagined something of that kind. Life here is really difficult, and in Chukotka you start believing that the climate prevents from building roads and normal existence of the cities: no stone or wood, no main building materials.

Abandoned Russia – the strange city CHUKOTKA

In the 1990s and 2000s, people began to leave that small region, leaving behind abandoned towns and villages.

I advise nature lovers to go to Chukotka, but I didn’t really like it: the low hills with grass. Tundra is rather boring spectacle. From wild animals I have met only a family of three cranes have sat down to rest.

Chukotka Autonomous District has long been completely closed: even now there is the border area, and upon arrival the officers even check passports. The area is very close to Alaska, 600-700 kilometres long, but walking or transport ride is impossible. Militaries in Chukotka left a notable legacies: nearly all abandoned places still belonged to the Ministry of Defence. The barrels are former warehouse of the combustive and lubricating materials in the vicinity of Anadyr Airport.