Abandoned “Villa de Vecchi” (The Ghost Mansion)

Villa De Vecchi is located off of Via Provinciale 2 (SP62) in the Cortenova Province of Lecco, Italy.

Abandoned “Villa de Vecchi” (The Ghost Mansion)

Felix De Vecchi was a Count and a solider for Italy and in the 1850’s decided to build his dream home for his family. With architect Alessandro Sidoli he made his dream reality and included many modern touches such as, heating pipes in the walls, a pressurized fountain in the yard, and even dumbwaiters.

Unfortunately the count killed himself in 1862, a year before the mansion was completed in 1863, at 46 years old. He came home to find his wife murdered, her face mutilated and his young daughter missing. He searched for his daughter in the surrounding wood but never found her.

Felix De Vecchi had a brother Biagio who received the mansion after his death. His family lived in the house until the 1940’s and then it was abandoned. To this day the mansion is still falling ever so into decay. A beautiful place with a haunting past.

The exterior of Villa de Vecchi is just as lovely as the interior. An exotic place that was once nestled alone near the mountains.

Abandoned “Villa de Vecchi” (The Ghost Mansion) Abandoned “Villa de Vecchi” (The Ghost Mansion)