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These days, life is hectic enough and so everyone is sourcing out for ways to make their lives much easier. However, no matter how much you try, you will notice that you’re always scrambling for the same accessories with people around you. So if you are the kind of person who takes uniqueness seriously, then you might want to look elsewhere. How about reaching out to for those items that are rarely thought of, but can definitely make your life super cool? Want to try some? We compiled an incredible list, just for you! Let’s go!

A Small Flashlight

Many individuals will agree that the evolution of the smartphone has replaced a number of accessories. This also includes the flashlight as most come with it. But even if you don’t notice it right now, you actually need a separate one as you can’t entirely depend on your mobile to illuminate your way through the dark. Think of unexpected power cut-outs, car breakdowns on rainy or stormy days or even during those adventurous camping days. You can purchase a portable one to always carry in your backpack or vehicle. That way you can be sure to be sorted no matter comes your way or your mobile phone’s battery dies in the middle of the night.

A Breathalyzer

If alcoholic drinks make to your top preferred choices in parties and night-outs, then you must be aware of the dangers associated with driving under the influence of alcohol. You risk not only getting in trouble with the law enforcers but also getting into accidents. Avoid all this by getting yourself a breathalyzer. And no you don’t have to be a police officer to have one. There are various smaller options that you can purchase. That way, you can measure the alcohol content in your breath and take necessary precautions. Also, some medical conditions have a limit to the amount of alcohol you can take. So you see, whichever the case, this comes in handy.

Magnetic Bracelets

People have always been fascinated by the process of magnetism. But unknown to many, there are various magnetic accessories they can use for various therapeutic benefits. A good example of such are the magnetic bracelets. They not only provide a magnificent view but also offer great personal health advantages. So if you love jewelry, then you might also want to add these ones to your collection. There are various types of magnetic bracelets like those of innovato to select from. This is especially important if you’re suffering from pain, inflammation, lack of sleep and stress. Just ensure you go for quality, that too within your budget.

Virtual Reality Headsets

The love of movies and the 3D experiences can make movie and game lovers go any mile to purchase themselves the latest accessories. So if you’re a technology enthusiast and happen to love new experiences, then you will definitely love VR headsets. You simply slip them over your head and begin your adventure. They might not generate 3D pictures but the experience is awesome. And no, contrary to expectations, they aren’t as expensive as many would think. If anything, affordability could be their second name. And that’s not enough. You can easily acquire one compatible with your mobile phone from as low as $50.


Nowadays, almost all households own a computer and with it, comes to a lot of excitement and tasks in equal measure. So if you have ever found yourself struggling to decide which device you should connect first because of the lack of enough USB ports, then you will love the idea of a separate USB hub. With it, you gain the freedom to connect tone of devices to your computer in one instance. What more could be comforting and convenient than this? You can even get one with an SD card reader and just like that, all your needs will be sorted.

A Telescope

I know what you must be thinking, “Me, need a telescope? For what?” Well, you should hold your horses right there. There must be a time in your life when you wanted a clear view of some works of nature or wonder, but couldn’t with your naked eyes, correct? If that’s the case, then a telescope could have come in handy. From the solar eclipse to a romantic view of the stars, you will live appreciating the day you bought this accessory. You might even find yourself developing a new hobby in this. Or use it as a way of taming your children off the television/computer screen. It can also double as binoculars. And with all these at less than $200, you don’t have to break your bank account.

Umbrella Cup Holder

If you love commuting every day, then you must be aware of the importance of carrying an umbrella with you. But then, you must also have realized how difficult it can become to hold drinks such as coffee or smoothie as you walk. Why not get an umbrella cup holder for that task? It isn’t bulky and you will appreciate the convenience. Besides, it isn’t that expensive and can come in sets.



If you love movies, then you could be having a heightening curiosity for hoverboards. They might not perform as extraordinarily as exaggerated in the movies, but you will definitely love the near ground feeling they would give you. They are indeed a go-to item especially for individuals who can’t stand the kicking requirements of skateboards. You can simply navigate and be on the move. Just like that! How cool? The best part is that they don’t cost much either. You can land a good deal anywhere below $200 and much more varieties way below that.

Life is complicated enough to want to add to it. So if you want to keep your life pretty easy but cool, there are various underlooked accessories you can invest in. That too without spending a lot of money. From magnetic bracelets, telescopes, VR headsets to a flashlight, it’s the benefits they bring that should matter. So choose the ones that are ideal for your needs and run with them! You live only once, so live it the best way you can.

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