Actors and Actresses Who Speak Multiple Languages

They’re beautiful, famous, rich and also smart! There are a lot of multilingual actors and actresses who use their linguistic talents to the hilt and make a living off it. The following in this list are actors and actresses, past and present, who can speak at least three languages.


The Oscar-winning actress and Harvard grad is both beauty and brains. Born in Jerusalem in 1981, she and her family moved to the United States when she was three years old and learned to speak Hebrew at a local Jewish elementary school.

Portman has studied other languages such as French, German, Spanish and Japanese, apart from her native Hebrew and English. If that doesn’t impress you enough, Portman is even adept at sign language. In Paul McCartney’s music video for “My Valentine,” she uses sign language to interpret the song’s lyrics.


Shakira has displayed her amor for languages. Aside from her native Spanish, the sultry Colombian singer and dancer speaks fluent English, Portuguese and Italian.


The British actor can speak three other languages apart from his native English: Spanish, French and Greek. Hiddleston learned Greek while he was still studying at the University of Cambridge.


The beautiful actress, famous the world over for her role in the classic film Casablanca, was fluent in English, German, Italian and French aside from her native Swedish. She is the mother of Italian actress Isabella Rossellini.


The ruggedly handsome actor, musician and author grew up speaking three languages proficiently. The child of a Danish father and American mother, Mortensen is conversational in English, Danish and Spanish, the latter of which he learned while he was still living in South America as a young boy.


This exotic Spanish beauty and Oscar winning actress is also conversational in English, French and Italian.


The Grey’s Anatomy star was born in Canada to Korean immigrant parents. Apart from Korean and English, she also speaks French and Spanish fluently.


The German actress, known for her role as Helen in the 2004 film Troy, is also fluent in English and French. Kruger honed her English speaking skills as an exchange student, then learned French while working as a model in Paris.


You may not know it, but the late actor and 50s-60s leading man was also fluent in German, Italian and French, mostly as a result of private tutoring and extensive travels to Europe when he was younger.


The Canadian-Bulgarian actress, most famous for her work in The Vampire Diaries, is fluent in Bulgarian, English and French.


The Canadian pop singer was born in British Columbia to Portuguese immigrants. Known for her musical diversity, Furtado is also linguistically diverse as she speaks fluent Portuguese, English and Spanish.


Spanish-Romanian model and actress Elsa Pataky is known for her roles in the Fast and the Furious movies as well as for being the wife of actor Chris Hemsworth. Apart from her native Spanish and Romanian, Pataky is also fluent in English, French and Italian.


Actress and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn was fluent in five languages: Dutch and English (which she learned from her parents) and later French, Italian and Spanish.


The Charlie’s Angels star is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, English and Italian. She also knows some French and Japanese.


The late great English actor Sir Christopher Lee is best known for his role as Count Dracula and later, for his work in The Lord of the Rings trilogy. He was fluent in English, Italian, German, French and Spanish, as well as had some knowledge in Russian, Swedish and Greek.