Adult-themed birthday party ideas


Party planning can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to throwing a themed birthday party. But don’t worry! We have you covered with some creative and fun ideas that will make your event memorable. From fireworks parties to Las Vegas nightlife, we’ve got something for everyone.

Have a fireworks party complete with sparklers

Themed birthday party ideas don’t get much better than this! If you want to celebrate in a unique way then consider throwing a fireworks party, where guests can sparkle and shine like never before.

This is one of those themed birthday party ideas that adults will find exciting because it’s out of the ordinary but also easy enough for anyone to plan — plus, they’ll be talking about it years from now! It may even turn into an annual tradition depending on how it goes at your first celebration.

To create the best backdrop, choose a rooftop setting complete with tables and chairs along with twinkle lights overhead so guests are surrounded by magic at all times. Want to add a great personal touch? Use IGO promo to create personalised lighters for guests to use to light fireworks and sparklers – they can even take them home as a keepsake to remember the event!

Have a cocktail party

This is a great idea for adult birthday parties, especially if you have guests who love trying new drinks.

If you want your party to stand out from the rest, opt for classic drinks or get creative by using ingredients that match the colour scheme. You can even have a themed cocktail party where the drinks are all inspired by one particular movie, TV show, book or even celebrity. Another fun idea is to serve your guests their first drink in novelty cups!

You can choose cocktails from a variety of well-known recipes to impress your guests. Try making some signature beverages yourself, but make sure not to overdo it with the choice as too many options may overwhelm your guests.

Throw a masquerade ball by wearing masks and having everyone dress in formal attire

This is a classy and luxurious idea, perfect if the birthday guest of honour has an eye for elegance. Pick your theme and set the scene – whether it’s glamour night or perhaps a Victorian masquerade ball.

For an added touch, decorate the venue using black candelabra centrepieces and gilded candle holders along with gold tablecloths and napkins. Think about the lighting too – dimmer lighting is always more atmospheric.

As for the dress code, it should be formal attire to match the formal setting. If you’re having a masquerade ball then consider having your guests wear masks to match the theme of your party.

Host a dinner party with themed dishes

You can’t go wrong with a dinner party. These events are perfect for adults because they don’t require too much work and most people appreciate spending an evening at home surrounded by loved ones.

Themed dinners are easy to plan – all you have to do is pick your favourite cuisine or theme – whether it’s a TV show, a movie, a colour or something else! You can also incorporate a colour scheme and decorate the table with matching plates, napkins and glasses. Just make sure you choose a cuisine that you and your guests will enjoy.

Have an elegant tea party complete with finger sandwiches, scones, and pastries

Tea parties are perfect for adults – they’re classy, elegant and above all, relaxing!

You can serve themed foods like canapes and fruit tarts, or simply choose your favourite teas and have a variety of cakes, pastries and desserts. You can also opt for a selection of savoury and sweet sandwiches so everyone has something to eat.

To create the perfect décor, use natural elements like twigs, leaves or rocks along with neutral colours such as browns and creams because these hues will create a cosy and calm atmosphere.

If you want to go all out, use lace tablecloths or cover the tables with cute cake stands complete with cupcakes, macarons or mini pies. Don’t forget about matching napkins as well!

Have a las Vegas nightlife party with casino games, blackjack, roulette

Are you looking for themed birthday party ideas that are fun and exciting? A Las Vegas nightlife party is perfect for adults who love to have fun and indulge in gambling games. After all, who doesn’t want an excuse to dress up in fancy attire complete with big hats and sparkling jewels while playing casino games!

You can buy or hire casino equipment like card shufflers, roulette wheels and blackjack tables to set up the venue. You can also decorate with gambling-themed items including playing cards, dice and poker chips.

To create the perfect setting, use bright colours like gold or silver and add faux fur to really set the scene. You can also hire dancers or burlesque performers to add even more excitement.

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