Advantages and disadvantages of fast loan companies


For many people, monthly or weekly earnings can be insufficient to meet their needs. Fast loan companies offer easy and quick solutions to such users. Companies give borrowers instant cash loans, allowing them to meet their needs before the next paycheck.

Companies such as VIVUS are also ideal for users who want to rebuild their credit worthiness. Below is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of fast loans.

Advantages of Fast Loan Companies

Ease of Access

Traditional loan products have a complicated mode of application, unlike fast loans. All users need to access instant loan cash is to submit their details online. With just a few clicks and a few minutes, a borrower already has the money in their accounts.

This ease of access appeals to many users as it provides relief in unexpected situations. A user should visit a bank for traditional loans, and accessing the money can take a few weeks.

Additionally, there are many companies offering borrowers instant loans. As a result, it increases a user’s chances of getting their loans approved.

Few Application Requirements

The application requirements when applying for a traditional loan are very strict. Users need to provide several documents to acquire this loan. However, fast loans have few requirements and acceptance criteria.

Some fast loan companies provide app-based applications. All a borrower needs is to download it, fill in their details, and submit their loan application. Borrowers who cannot meet a bank’s eligibility criteria can easily receive a fast loan.

Get A Loan with Bad Credit

If borrowers have bad credit, they wouldn’t be worried about getting a fast loan. With these loans, there is no credit check required. As a result, a borrower with a bad credit score can receive instant loans.

Fast loan companies focus on users’ ability to make payments and not on their history. This option makes them ideal for a user seeking to rebuild his credit score. Paying the loans as required can help borrowers improve their credit scores and regain their ability to receive traditional banking loans.

Unsecured Loan

Getting a loan from a fast loan company does not require collateral or security. Various lenders require borrowers to stake their homes, car, or any valuable assets. If the borrowers fail to pay, the company can seize these assets. Fast loans are unsecured, which protects borrowers from this consequence. However, the lenders can take different measures to collect the amount, such as engaging debt collectors.

Disadvantages of Fast Loan Companies

Though fast loans can be advantageous, they also have several disadvantages.

They are Expensive

Several things make fast loans expensive. The first is their interest. Most instant loan companies charge a high-interest rate compared to the alternatives. Other lenders can have an APR (annual percentage rate) of 1500%. As a result, the debt can increase, and a user can struggle to make payments.

Secondly, the loan can have fees. Some companies include charges such as origination fees which increases the cost of the debt. Apart from that, these loans also have high penalty fees. Some borrowers can charge 2% and above of the total debt daily until the amount is repaid. Before applying, a user should read through the terms and conditions to see all the potential fees and penalties.

Short-term Loan

Apart from paying high interests, fees, and penalties, instant loans have a time constraint. Borrowers often get a short duration to repay the loan.

Additionally, the lenders expect borrowers to repay the amounts at once. It can cause a problem with budgeting by increasing the monthly expenses. As a result, one may be unable to meet this payment requirement.

Questionable Collection Tactics

Some fast loan companies use very tough collection practices. They are known to send out threatening letters and messages designed to scare debtors into making payments. These collection strategies can be humiliating to borrowers.

Easy to Get Trapped in a Debt Cycle

Fast loan companies have earned a reputation for targeting borrowers with bad credit scores and poor income. Some of these users end up borrowing to pay existing loans. As a result, they can increase a borrower’s risk of getting into a debt trap.


Quick loans are essential. They provide fast access to credit and the ability to meet emergency needs. However, they can also affect one’s financial health. For this reason, one should be cautious when applying. They should also only be used for necessary items and not luxuries. Furthermore, a borrower should read through the fine print to know all the charges they are expected to pay.

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