‘Advertising sector to touch Rs 1 trn revenue by 2024,’ says EY-FICCI report


One of the top consultancy firms, EY, and the trade association FICCI claimed in their report, ‘Tuning into consumer – Indian M&E rebounds with a customer-centric approach that the Indian Advertising sector has been seeing great success and is expected to further grow at a CAGR of 12 percent. By this rate, reaching the revenue of Rs 1 Trillion by 2024 is not an impossible feat.

The report made these claims backed by the fact that the Media & Entertainment sector grew 16.4%, which is 1.61 trillion in 2021. That means the traditional media contributes up to 68% of the sectoral revenues, and digital media has established the spot of being the second largest segment in the media and entertainment sector.

Besides that, the advertising growth in India outperformed India’s nominal GDP in 2021. While the GDP grew by 19%, advertising revenue saw a 25% growth. Television led the sector at Rs 6,200 Cr, digital marketing at Rs 5,500 Cr, and print media at Rs 2,900 Cr.

Seeing what the future holds for digital marketing, now is a good time to do a professional digital marketing course.

Advertising is the act of reaching out to these groups to persuade them or inform them about the product. The advertising history can be traced to two centuries ago, when it first emerged in France, Germany, and England. In 1762, Benjamin Franklin created one of the earliest American advertisements when he published a newspaper ad stating that “Dr. Young’s Panacea has cured thousands.” In 1842 Britain’s Advertising Association was founded, and it was then followed by other countries like Germany, France, and Italy establishing their advertising associations in 1906, 1922, and 1923 respectively.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is all the marketing that happens online. The concept of marketing everything online works because nowadays, almost everybody is always online. Marketers run ads on platforms the audience spends most of their time.


So digital marketing is done through digital channels such as social media, emails, search engines, and websites.

How does Digital Marketing work?

Digital marketing, like any other marketing, starts with setting goals. Once you have a goal, you can plan your digital marketing campaign and use different tactics on different platforms to achieve your goal.

The strategies that are commonly used in digital marketing are:

1.    Search Engine Optimization

Google has become an essential part of our internet experience; it’s a verb. Whenever we are in doubt about something or need to buy something, we go to Google. If you’re selling something, you want to make it available first, and your audience will look for it. Digital marketers can use Google and other search engines to their advantage.

2.    Website Marketing

When a potential client is looking to purchase something, they must be reassured that you’re a legit source. This is why having an informative and user-friendly website is crucial in digital marketing.

Having a website will also introduce the client to your brand better. You will have a platform that you own where you can showcase everything you have to offer. Making this website user-friendly is essential because you don’t want to confuse or frustrate the buyer into clicking off your website instead of going through with the purchase.

3.    Content Marketing

Content marketing is the base of all digital marketing. You need content if you want to create a brand image in the eyes of your audience. When the audience doesn’t know you, they will not respond to your ads, but if your content is good enough, they will become curious about it.

4.    Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms are the easiest way a brand can connect with its audience directly. On top of that, so many social media platforms are popular among different groups of people. So you just need to target the right platform and market your brand to your target audience.

5.    Email Marketing

The first thing most people do in the morning is check notifications on their phones. So checking email is part of the daily routine. Plus, email marketing is not like any other digital marketing. You don’t market it to a general audience; you market it to a more specific audience, so many social media platforms and more.

Why do a Professional Digital Marketing Course?

The demand for professional digital marketing experts will only increase as digital marketing gains popularity. Digital marketing is rapidly becoming a competitive field. You must be adequately skilled and certified to claim your place in this space as a professional digital marketer.

Doing a digital marketing course from a reputable institution will give you leverage against your competitors. In addition, a digital marketing certification will make you stand out from the crowd while proving you to be a competent digital marketing professional.

If you are an entrepreneur or aspiring to become one, having knowledge and experience in digital marketing will only give you an upper hand in marketing your brand in the initial stages. Plus, once your business has picked up, you can communicate effectively with the digital marketers you hire for your company.

And finally, digital marketing is the kind of career that offers you diverse opportunities for jobs. So you won’t be stuck with just one type of job when you have a certification in digital marketing. You can always switch gears, try different marketing areas, and see what you like working with the best.

In conclusion

As you saw, digital marketing and advertising anticipate tremendous growth in the coming years. So if your goal is to join this growing sector, you need to start upskilling immediately.

The best thing about choosing digital marketing is that it is not a career with limitations. You don’t have to worry about getting stuck in one job with no variety. Instead, you can complete a digital marketing course and decide which strategy you want to master.

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