Advice For Buying Vintage Engagement Rings


Engagement rings represent an everlasting love. It is considered auspicious as the engagement stone signifies the eternal circle of two people – both of whom share equally in their hearts. It represents an unbroken thread of love and devotion. But choosing engagement rings for your sweetheart can be tricky. Here’s a piece of useful advice on how to choose engagement rings –

Engagement rings at are usually made of different metals. In a pure solitaire ring, a singular diamond sits on a white gold or platinum band. The most preferred ring setting style, single solitaires are an old fashioned style which ideally encapsulates a timeless grace. This style is best if the recipient will wear it on the ring finger, which is the ideal place for a diamond. In case you prefer a platinum or white gold ring, be careful as a gold ring may look tacky with silver. Platinum or white gold engagement rings with a silver center stone looks great.

Another choice besides white gold and platinum engagement rings are colored gemstones. Yellow gold and rose gold are some examples of colored gemstones. Colored gemstones look good in engagement rings as they do in engagement rings. You must choose a rare stone in order to make it look really exquisite.

Precious metals like gold, silver or platinum are commonly used to design engagement rings but these expensive metals have a limit to the designs and styles they can provide. If budget is a concern then you should purchase vintage rings. Vintage rings are rings made of different precious stones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls or even vintage wedding rings.

V-shaped cut engagement rings have become quite popular in recent years. The stones are usually round at the bottom most end of the ring and the sides of the band are tapered to a point. Round diamond is an example of a v-shaped cut.

Modern jewelry is made of various types of metals and combinations of metals. Many modern metals are less expensive than gold or platinum and they can be combined with each other. One popular combination is yellow gold. If you are looking for a very traditional look you could go for white gold or sterling silver engagement rings. These types of jewelry are often a combination of different metals.

One good tip for buying vintage rings is to ask the seller if the jewelry has been embellished with stones. A seller would rather sell vintage engagement rings that have not been enhanced. Ask how the jewelry was embellished. A seller might hesitate to sell you vintage jewelry and try to find out more about you before agreeing to buy. It is always better to check out the seller personally before buying a vintage ring.

When buying vintage engagement rings, it is important to consider the stones set on the ring. A good tip for shopping this type of jewelry is to know the stone that will be set on the ring. The stone is the highlight of the jewelry so you should select a stone that matches well with your partner’s dress color. Remember that you should match the stone to the metal of the piece so that the overall jewelry is elegant.

Color plays a vital role in choosing engagement rings. A seller will usually offer you the choice of color you want on the ring. The most popular colors are yellow, pink, white, rose and clear. There are also diamonds available in red, blue and green shades. Carat size is another factor you should consider when buying vintage rings.

Before buying any ring, it is always important to consult an expert so that you will get guidance in buying the perfect vintage engagement rings. A good advice is to make a rough estimate first. Then you can ask for recommendations from a jewelry buyer. The advice should come from a person who has enough experience in the buying business.


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