Affordable & Practical Investments to Make in 2021

When you think of investments, things like a new car, the latest smartphone, stocks in some incredible companies and maybe some real estate may come to mind. Ideally, you’d love to make some investments like these. But let’s face it, 2020 was really rough on many people and their bank accounts, and you simply don’t have the money right now to make these traditional investments.

Luckily, there are a number of affordable investments that you can make, all without having to dip into your savings, rack up your credit card balance or break the bank. For instance, the following purchases will help pay for themselves in terms of their usefulness, money-saving properties, health and happiness and/or peace of mind.

An Identity Theft Protection Program

Regardless of whether you have already gone through the heartbreak and hassle of identity theft, you need to do whatever you can to protect your sensitive data. To help prevent this from happening, consider purchasing an identity theft protection plan. This wise investment in your financial security is very valuable, especially when compared to losing everything if some hacker gets a hold of your banking information. To help make this investment as budget friendly as possible, look for a company that is offering deals and discounts; for instance, you can access codes for LifeLock couponson the company’s website and use them to save money when enrolling.

High-Quality Food Storage Containers

Last year, you probably cooked more meals than ever before, and also stocked up your pantry as much as possible. But if your cabinets are filled with half-full boxes of now-stale crackers and pasta and you routinely throw away leftovers, you are essentially tossing your hard-earned money in the trash.

To keep your food as fresh as you can, treat yourself to some high-quality and reusable food storage containers like the LocknLock line from QVC. You can opt for BPA-free plastic or glass containers in a number of sizes and shapes, including those that hold chips, crackers, cookies and more. And instead of waiting for someone to eat the lasagna you made a couple of days ago, portion up the leftovers into the containers and pop them into the freezer. If you have spent years putting leftovers into empty Cool Whip containers, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much of a difference a set of sturdy food storage boxes will make.

Something That Makes You Happy and Healthy

For this final investment tip, it’s time to ask yourself what you could use to help improve your health and/or life in some way — and then go for it. Maybe you are ready to try working out in a gym (in a socially distanced way) but have put it off. As Bob Vila notes, memberships usually go on sale in January, so this is the perfect time to take the plunge and save some money in the process.

Or perhaps you are sick and tired of sleeping on old and threadbare sheets or your feet hurt at the end of your walk around the neighborhood. If this is the case, watch the sales and then spring for a beautiful and luxurious set of sheets with a matching blanket and/or a new pair of kicks. None of these ideas shouldn’t set you back too far financially, but they are all great investments in your own health and happiness that are well worth it.

Invest In Yourself: It Is Well Worth It

As you can see, you don’t have to shell out big bucks to make some key investments that will pay their own important types of dividends. From an identity theft program and something as basic as a storage container set to buying something as an investment in yourself, you will be off to a practical and smart start to 2021.