Aim, Shoot! 5 Jobs for Gun Lovers


Are you someone who loves guns? Do you wish there was a job out there that would allow you to share your passions for guns with others?  Heck you probably love guns if you love the heart pounding music of Guns N’ Roses.

Well, we’ve got good news for you, there is! There are plenty of ways you can make good money by sharing your passion with others.

Check out this guide to learn about the best jobs for gun lovers.

1. Gunsmith

One of the best careers for a gun lover is a gunsmith.

As a gunsmith, you’ll design, repair, modify, and build guns. They typically engage in creative work, such as woodcarving and engraving. Gunsmiths are highly sought after by firearm collectors and manufacturers due to the wide and unique range of skills they must possess.

In addition to being skilled in metalworking and woodcarving, gunsmiths must all be skilled in the areas of chemistry and mathematics. They also need to know how to use several different types of tools correctly to adequately perform their jobs.  You can also sell pistol safes to go along with your custom work.

2. NRA Instructor

As an NRA instructor, you’ll work to provide education and training in the safe use of firearms.

To get into this career, you’ll need a solid background in firearm handling and safety. You’ll also need to complete an NRA training course before you’re allowed to instruct.

This is the perfect career for anyone who wants to share their passion and knowledge of gun safety and handling with others.

3. Firearms Engineer

If you love guns and also have a knack for science, then a career as a firearms engineer may be for you.

In this role, you’ll be tasked with identifying and fixing design flaws in existing firearms. Firearms engineers often collaborate closely with military personnel in order to develop more sophisticated types of firearms.

To become a firearms engineer, you’ll first need to earn a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, often followed by a master’s degree.

4. Forensic Ballistics Expert

If you have a passion for firearms and criminology, then a career as a forensic ballistics expert may be for you.

As a forensic ballistics expert, you’ll be responsible for analyzing crime scenes in order to determine which firearms were used and how they were used. To become a forensic ballistics expert, you’ll typically need to earn an advanced degree in forensic science.

5. Gun Blogger/Vlogger 

If you want to share your knowledge of guns with the world, you may want to consider a career as a gun blogger/vlogger.

In this career, you can start your own blog and write informative articles about topics like gun safes and safety, which types of guns to buy, or which type of ammo to buy.

There are a lot of different niches you can explore with this career. For example, if you mainly use guns for hunting, you could create a blog/vlog that teaches others all about hunting rifles.

Jobs for Gun Lovers: Which One Will You Choose?

Now that you know about the top jobs for gun lovers, it’s time to choose the right career for you. Before you know it, you’ll have a career that allows you to share your passion with others.

Be sure to check back in with our blog for more career-related advice.

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