Airbnb Management Service: Are They Worth It?


Do you own a property and plan to list it with Airbnb, but you need somebody to maintain it? Look for a partner who will help you manage your Property. You can find this end-to-end support who can help you host your guests from companies who offer Air bnb Management Service. End-to-end services for Airbnb hosts provide comprehensive property management. On your behalf, they meet and greet, clean, check out, advertise and communicate with your guests. You are making your hosting more convenient. 

Choosing the exemplary Airbnb management service can save you time and avoid that stress, especially managing multiple properties. If you are a host who has a full-time job and has other responsibilities, you have nothing to worry about handling your guests. An Airbnb management service provides professional service and supports your property bookings and rentals. Some of the services they provide are booking and guest listing management, professional photography for your Property, 24/7 concierge service, and guest screening and accommodation. 

There are two options for Airbnb management service fees. One option is a monthly flat rate. This fee means that despite the number of bookings that your Property will receive, you pay the company the same rate every month. The second option is a commissioned-based rate. This fee means the company gets a percentage from your Airbnb earnings every month. Commission rate ranges from 12-40%.  

Some companies charge an additional set-up fee on top of the monthly management rate. In choosing a management service, you have to consider other costs included and get an estimated income of your Property so you can break even or gain profit even with the additional service fees you have to pay. 

With the service that these management companies offer, you high occupancy rates and consistently high quality of service. They are your partners in:

  • They are setting Rental Rates. They do the market research making sure that your Property keeps up with the other competitors and that your offers will be at maximum to reduce the chance of vacancy.
  • They are publishing quality photos. As your marketing partners, they are responsible for giving your market an excellent and complete view of your Property. They also do the advertisements for you and actively update the Property’s availability as soon as it becomes vacant. 
  • They are maintaining the Property. These people are responsible for making sure that the place is in tip-top shape all the time to attain a 5-star rating and review. Ensure that things for repair will be immediate to keep customers happy. 
  • Keeping Housing laws are followed. The authorities’ local housing guidelines to avoid any violations against their service include understanding the landlord and lessee rules. 
  • Customer Service. Be in constant communication with guests and provide prompt service to maintain quality of service and satisfy the customers.

Hiring a property management service company is one of the great alternatives to remove your headaches in running a rental property. It may seem an added expense but a worthwhile investment since you are sure that your guests will experience hospitable accommodation. 


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