Alcohol night sweats: one of the most common alcoholism withdrawal symptoms – Learn more here


If you find that you are struggling with alcoholism and you need to get clean and sober so you can begin leading a healthy life once more, it can be time to seek the help and treatment that you deserve instead of trying to get clean and detox on your own – which can be very difficult for those with chronic alcoholism – get the health you require by going to an alcohol treatment facility.

By attending an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation facility, you can learn the best ways to combat your alcoholism and help you fiend off some of the more severe withdrawal symptoms that you are about to go through. But what can you expect? One of the most common alcoholism withdrawal symptoms is alcohol night sweats – learn how to best recover and get rid of tough withdrawal symptoms by following this guideline.

Alcohol night sweats – everything you need to know here about fighting this unwanted withdrawal side effect

Even though this may not seem like a big deal compared to other harmful side effects – such as nausea, inability to think clearly, organ failure, headaches, migraines, and lack of focus in work or school – alcohol night sweats are still a common and annoying problem that can cause you to lack a good night of sleep, be uncomfortable, and suffer from your constant drinking.

Even though sweats are typically considered a good thing in our life, like when it is cooling down your body during an intense workout or hard run, sweating at night is typically a sign that something is wrong with the endocrine system in your body. Since our body is not able to regulate temperature properties and is sweating profusely without the need to, this is an example of alcohol night sweats that are not beneficial to our health.

But what is the cause of night sweats? You may find that you are experiencing night sweats more often than you should – even if you are an alcoholic. You can have night sweats if you have a fever, flu, taking certain medication, or low blood sugar. However, sweating at night caused by alcoholism is a sign that you are experiencing dependence and addiction – and you need serious help.

How does drinking alcohol cause night sweats? Alcohol night sweats are typically caused because they are a very common sign of alcohol withdrawal – if you find you need help for your drinking and that you are now experiencing night sweats, this temporary side effect can sometimes be the result of alcohol trying to get out of your body. By metabolizing your alcohol, the body is trying to get rid of this toxin that is taking over your skin, organs, and internal digestive system.


As you can see, alcohol night sweats are a common sign of alcohol withdrawal. Other signs of alcohol withdrawal that you may experience include clammy skin, shaking, irritability, personality changes, difficulty sleeping, night terrors, depression, fatigue, body aches, muscle pains, fever, moodiness, and anxiety. Going to a treatment center can help you get the treatment you need for these unwanted withdrawal symptoms.

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