All about Hiring an Immigration Lawyer and Making an Immigration Process Easier


Getting immigrated to another country is the biggest dream for many people. They want to take up their dream job, lead a quality life and improve their financial status. The process is lengthy, complicated and sometimes, frustrating. People take help from some agents who can file the application. Most of them wait for several months to get approval. It should be noted that no lawyer can guarantee that the application will be approved but an EB-1 Visa lawyer in Dallas can ensure that the process is smooth and proper.

When you don’t need to hire an attorney?

You should be happy to know that not all issues require the assistance of an attorney.  For instance, if you just need to travel to the US and will be returning within 90 days, you don’t need a visa. In this case, you don’t need to hire an attorney. It depends on your case and application process. Moreover, in case the paperwork is proper and you get a positive response from the immigration office, you don’t need to hire an attorney unless you are asked to redo and resubmit your application.

When to contact an attorney?

In some cases, you will need to get in touch with an attorney and discuss your case. Some of these scenarios are mentioned below:

  • If you have been deported at one point and may wish to visit the country again, an attorney will look at the previous reason and forward the application accordingly.
  • If ever your application for immigration has been denied or refused in the past, you will need to get legal assistance from an attorney.
  • If you have a police record and have been caught in the past, the attorney will help you get the application done with the status and clearance from the police.
  • In case you have been notified that the deportation proceedings have been started against you, it is a good time to see an immigration attorney.
  • You need to contact him if you have an emergency related to immigration matters.
  • If the application forms and documents seem too confusing, you can take the help of an immigration attorney, who can guide you in filling up the forms correctly.

If you are planning to hire an immigration attorney, the best way is to search online because many attorneys can offer free consultation through their official website.

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